A Breakfast Treat.

Good morning Peeps,


So, now the holiday is done and the world takes over again….stuff like work and shopping!

Still, a day off is definitely nice while it lasts.


Today Big H was up before eight, to attend to his morning medications, and I was left in bed by myself….whoaaah, scary stuff!


The day then began improving very quickly, because I heard the chink of crockery in the kitchen, and was soon the happy recipient of a plate of toast and Marmite….with the crusts cut off….and a big pot of green tea.

In other words….breakfast in bed!

Well, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly puffed up my pillows and grabbed a library book I started last night, while Big H was watching his recording of the weekend’s Grand Prix motor racing.


It is not exactly heavy reading, being The Family by Martina Cole, but it is enjoyable enough and you can fairly race through it at a cracking pace.

After all, given the preponderance of romantic novels and ‘fancy cake icing type stuff’ in the library, I am always grateful to find something in there that I have not read before….and that still leaves me with plenty of that romantic crap for reading when I have finally gone completely do-lally.


I have been quite naughty actually, because I noticed on Saturday that the Spar had a special offer of little sample bags of Thornton’s chocolates for £1 a bag….each containing about 10 chocolates.

I was moved to buy quite a few of these suddenly irresistible temptations and bring them home to put in the freezer…. and then I ate them all.


Like quite a few things in life, I enjoyed it immensely while I was doing it, and then felt totally sick and very repentant for my sins immediately afterwards.

But Hey!


It is grey and chilly today so I don’t foresee a trip to the seaside or a reading session in the garden taking place in my near future….more like houseworky stuff and making meals.

It is a filthy job, but someone has to do it before they can get on with their painting.


I do hope that your own day contains a favourite thing too.

Enjoy it!





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