A Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Da-a-ay.



We seem to have the promise of a sunny day here, which is nice.

Intimations of summer and all that.


Of course we can look at summery stuff, just to remind ourselves of what we hope is coming this year.

My favourite thing is imagining myself on a UK beach, paddling at the sea’s edge and picking up shells.

Tynemouth is a very favourite one of course, if you like to end the session with excellent fish and chips, but Bamburgh is absolutely stupendous.


It was in this frame of mind that I got caught up in reading about tanning, be it by the sun or by those weird orange self-tanning lotions.

And I found a very amusing site under the heading of paleisthenewtan.com

It shows pictures of celebrities such as the ever ginger-coloured George Hamilton, along with various other stars who make the same choice.

I remember Christina Aguilera singing at the funeral of Etta James and fidgeting very uncomfortably to cover her streakily done legs.

Not a good look!


Anyway, if this tempting weather keeps on coming then I shall be popping out into the garden for my ’15 minutes per side’ of sun worship.

No point in encouraging osteoporosis or rickets as far as I am concerned.


So, have a fine day yourself,  I wish you sunshine.




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