A Fine Weekend Either Way.



The Bank Holiday is here again so I hope that you all enjoy it, even if you are just going to stay in bed for the whole thing.

If that is the case then I at least wish you pleasant company.


When I arose this morning the sun was happily shining in a clear blue sky, giving the promise of a wonderful Mediterranean-type day to set the  mood for the weekend.

Unfortunately, since then, there has been a turn for the worse and the sky is so dark it looks like possible stormy weather is ahead.

That would not be at all surprising as it seems to happen over just about every holiday we have here, it is even sort of comforting to find that nothing has changed!


We will have family for company this weekend too, so it will be nice to be able to talk and catch up on everything that has been happening, in fine detail, and Big H is going to try out his new barbecuing ‘niques again.

He is so keen on it that he has been talking about trying to get hold of a rotisserie piece so that he can do whole chickens….or even suckling pigs I expect, knowing his voracious appetite for meat….and crispy crackling too.

Who knows that might yet happen.


I have made out a shopping list and we will go out later to get everything we need.

This morning will be spent putting up those new curtains, making up the beds and generally getting everything ready for a fine weekend….regardless of the weather.


So, I shall have to get started on my jobs.

Have a fine one yourself!



2 Responses to “A Fine Weekend Either Way.”

  1. nelly says:

    it’s very much the same thing here. hot nice weather on busy working days, rain and wind on the weekend. i find it to be a blessing of sorts, because I get to catch up on personal work when I’m not out and about all day on the weekend. However, my olive complexion is starting to look like my mum’s, pasty and white, and that generally means less office tan more sun time 🙂

    have a fun BBQ – i could make a cheap joke at the expense of Worcestershire sauce and Worcesterererers, but I won’t 😉


    • Jaksie says:

      Hi Nelly,

      Thanks, I do expect to have a lovely weekend whatever the weather is like….but sun is best.

      I got so carried away that I have just made a huge Trifle.
      The first one for years and I put in two differently coloured layers of jelly too….just to be a big show-off!

      I don’t mind cheap jokes, they’re the best kind, so feel free.

      Have a good weekend yourself too.


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