A French Hannibal Lecter.



And so the weekend is off to a grey and overcast start….but no rain as yet.

So we are ahead of the game and that’s a hopeful thing.

We may yet enjoy a sunny day, even if it never reaches to the formerly continental levels that we have experienced this year.


Talking about more exotic places.

Strange things have been happening in court in Rouen, France recently.

A prisoner named Nicolas Cocaign, 38, was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison after confessing to killing his cellmate in 2007.


He said that he had comitted the murder because he was enraged when his cellmate, Thierry Baudry, had instructed him to wash his hands after using the toilet in their cell and had given him ‘a dirty look’.


As a result he had attacked his more sanitary cellmate and murdered him.

He then used a razor blade to cut open the man’s chest and removed a piece of his lung.

After eating a portion of it, in it’s raw state, he then proceeded to cook and eat the rest of it.

He had actually been intending to  consume the heart, but had been unable to tell the difference between the two organs.

The defendant, who has facial tattoos, apparently told the court that the experience had been a sexual one.



A less epicurean Hannibal Lecter.

Life can be as strange as fiction sometimes.





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