A Plague Of Noxious Smog.

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I was just reading that China received some divine punishment last week….no doubt because of their previous bad behaviour in so many ways.

It seems that last week  Hong Kong was hit by a poisonous cloud so bad that everyone was advised to stay inside, although staying indoors with their conditioning on was said by medical experts to be no guarantee of safety.

It began when a dust storm which was blown southwards from the Gobi Desert.

This cloud joined forces with a cloud of contaminants emitted from Chinese factories and formed a stinking fog which reduced visibility to just a few yards.

It was so bad that people in Kowloon were unable to see the Hong Kong skyscrapers.


Although people often wear masks in China they were warned that dust masks would be useless in this particular situation.

The smog caused the pollution monitoring levels to rise to 500-plus, which was off the scale.

The previous highest level was recorded in 2008 and was a far lower 202.


Last year in Central, the city’s business district, air pollution reached dangerous levels on 1 day in every 8.

The Hong Kong government is going to invest $13 million to fund scientific studies which will be carried out into the formation of air pollution in the city.


China now has deserts expanding over one third of the country.

This being caused by drought, urban sprawl and deforestation.

These shifting sands have caused increased sandstorms to occur.


I believe that even  the West Coast area of America is receiving grit from these now.


It is more than the flap of a butterfly’s wing that affects things on the other side of the world.


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Not that the UK is excellent upon conservation issues either!

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