A Weekend Flight Of Fancy.

Hey, Hey,


So it is Sunday….and guess what….it’s wettish.

Now there’s a surprise ….Not!


Anyway there is no point in grumbling, because it is almost the end of our summer and that’s that, and the days are already getting shorter again.

It is a good job that it will be Christmas soon, ‘cos getting pressies always does cheer me up, even in the coldest and most rubbish of weather.


I just cannot think what festive trinket I want to receive from Big H this year.

It seems that as you get older you actually seem to want less….or perhaps by the time you get old you have already received most of the things that you always wanted….those that you can afford anyway.


The truth of the matter, is that your desires grow with the size of your wallet.

If I suddenly had millions then I could definitely write out a long list of absolute essentials….beginning with a beautiful beach house in the UK, that is actually on the edge of the beach, so that you can walk down from the balcony onto the sand.

Oh, the bliss of that view and being able to watch and hear the sea every hour of the day and night, and experience all of it’s moods.

And a beautiful dog that does not shed any hairs…. and a huge Siamese cat.

And all the paints and canvases and brushes that I could ever want.

And a pottery.

And many regular massages, hair treatments and manicures and pedicures.

And a fabulous telescope to watch the sea.

And a jetty of my own.

And decent champagne.

And bonfires on the beach.


Just think of it….for me it would be paradise.


How funny to think that, for someone else, my whole long list would be absolute crap.

They might well choose to be one of the jet-set, enjoying mixing with the stars and attending huge dinners, before enjoying the frisson of an expensive gambling session in a huge casino.

A life of travel and gigolos and polo matches.

My definition of Yuck.


Or perhaps the choice could be to travel in exotic locations and spend time exploring the jungles of New Guinea, or the excitements of going up the Amazon and visiting the indiginous peoples.

Not to mention the wonders of safaris in Africa and close-up views of polar bears.

My definition of pure terror.


What would you choose to do for the rest of your life, if you had access to such wealth that you could have anything you desired?

I bet that you could think of plenty.


But when it comes to it….if we are happy now then that is enough for anyone….all of the rest is just jam on it.

But that does not stop me wishing you a jammy one yourself!







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