A Whole Lot Of Nothing Going On.



And a ‘Good Day’ to you.


We are enjoying some better weather here today, with patches of weak sunshine amongst the usual heavy grey clouds and rainy periods.

It also feels a bit warmer.

In general it feels like a timely reminder that spring is coming eventually.


When Big H and I take our daily walk we see that lots of daffodils and other plants are well up above the surface of the soil, and some plants seem to be trying to flower.

Obviously the unseasonably warm weather over Christmas has got all of the poor things confused.


Not very much of importance has been going on here lately, just a lot of novels being read on our Kindles and I have been continuing to admire my new boots.

Unfortunately, with the waxed leather exterior, I have been too worried about spoiling them to wear them in the present rainy and muddy conditions.

Big H eventually ordered some waterproofing treatment on E-Bay to try and take care of them.

It arrived this morning so we (he) will soon be giving it a go for me …. I would however still recommend those boots to everyone, especially if you find authorised ones at a good sale price.

I confidently expect them to keep me very happy for many years to come …. a bit like my expectations of Big H I suppose, except that I don’t intend to take them to bed with me at night or expect them to bring me breakfast in bed sometimes!


I hope that you are all having a good time out there in your various corners of the world.

Those of you living in some area of bright sunshine are especially lucky!

Enjoy !


Take care and speak to you soon.




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