Who is Jaksie??

Hello to you all,

It is now 2018 … and how time does fly!

After the last four years, and various relationships, l am now in a calm place and reviewing my life and my past choices since the ‘change’.

I cannot say that l have always been sensible, but the only way to avoid making mistakes is to hide in the cupboard under the stairs and suck my thumb … but, life will still proceed, whether l join in with the game or not!

My choice therefore, will always be to join in.

Life is a beautiful gift.


Who is Jaksie.


I am now a lot older and a lot wiser … and single again!

It has taken me two years, almost exactly, to get used to the new situation and to accept it … and life is good.

Different, but still good.

It seems to be true that time heals everything, as long as you give it a little help.

Apart from learning this useful fact, I suppose I am still as daft as I ever was!!!!


This is the original description of myself, given when l began my blog on  on June 19th 2009 … long before my life totally changed on 28-4-2012.


Hello to you all.

My name is Jaksie and I live in the UK ( the cold bit!)

I am an artist, a poet and a healer.

So far, not a good career choice if a person wishes to amass great amounts of influence and monetary rewards, but I am happy and you cannot buy that, or good health, or someone loving you just because they want to.

I suspect that in my husband’s case, his feelings towards me are an equal mix of love and fear, and the  totally understandable wish to continue being served frequent large portions of my most excellent beef curry.

In the beginning I actually hated cooking, but did eventually get the hang of it as I had to eat the food I produced, alongside my family.


Now, because of my husband’s retirement, I am starting his retraining on the grounds that I cannot be expected to continue to run around after him for the rest of our lives, so he must do his share.

Hopefully, he will end up doing everything, but it will definitely be shared, or else I won’t be doing anything much either.

I don’t actually do much now, but please don’t tell him!


After all, you can wear yourself out making the whole house pristine and wonderful, and then, six months later, you have to do the whole bloody thing again.

Waste of time.


Many years ago I went back to full-time college  for about fourteen months and qualified as an Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Swedish Masseur and an Indian Head Massage Therapist.

I had a practice for a few years, but the healing which had spontaneously begun during my training, became totally compelling when clients said that they could feel more than one set of hands on them during their sessions.

I have followed that path to many amazing experiences which I may share with you later.


Usually, I sell my paintings from home, and it is always pleasing when a buyer comes back for more.

The last time I showed my work was at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne.


I did mean to do it again by now, but my husband, henceforth to be known as Big H, has been extremely ill over the past six years… and all invalids are horrible.

They need feeding, cleaning and looking after.

If you neglect them they will die, and you will get into trouble!


He got bitten by a fly, when  we lived in the Middle East for a time, and ended up with a horrible thing living in his neck.

More of that will be on the blog as we go, as the story has too many instalments….sorry segments.

In case you did not realize it,  that was a clue!


I have uploaded a fair amount of my artwork, and will continue to do so.


That was a slight exaggeration….as I actually persuaded Big H to do it for me .

I mean the uploading of course, not the paintings.

Yes, I know I am probably The Devil as far as Womens’ Libbers are concerned but that is how it is.


Yes, I know, if I gave the technical aspects of computer site  management the same amount of hard work that I once put into learning to do the twist or giving good head, then I would be a Diva, but hey, I enjoyed that more.

Another excuse could be that I am a dog in the Chinese horoscope and they say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Having said that, I can be persuaded to do most things if someone promises me copious amounts of excellent champagne!





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