Ahh, If The World Were But Your Lobster.



What a pleasantish morning this is.

It is sunnyish, bluish and warmish….not at all a bad day at!


I wonder what today holds for us.

Where shall we go!

What shall we see!

Who shall we meet!


I wonder who you would pick, if you could choose anyone who is alive at the moment and spend the day with them.

Would it be a Nobel prize winner, an Olympic champion, your favourite film star, or someone whom you have been fancying from afar.


I cannot think of anyone at the moment.

I mean, just because someone is a great writer or singer, what would you have in common with them.

Wouldn’t it be awful to have to spend the day with a person who did not choose to meet you, and neither of you are enjoying it.

I expect that a younger person might choose to meet a favourite unmarried superstar, in the hope that they might experience love at first sight and be whisked away to a jet set life of decadent glamour.


I believe that actually did happen to Nicholas Cage’s wife.

He went into the ‘La Prive’ restaurant and was served by a sushi waitress called Alice Kim, falling for her immediately.

They got engaged two months later and were married three months after that.

They now have a son Kal-el Coppola Cage, who was named after Superman, that being his original name.


Michael Caine saw his future wife in a coffee advert, filmed by Ridley Scott, which showed a dark beauty dancing with bean-filled maracas.

He told his friend that he liked her but he would have to go to Brazil to find her..

His friend said that she was actually an Indian beauty queen, living nearby on the Fulham Road.

The rest is a long married history.


Myself, being old and married for many years, would obviously not be choosing my favourite cutie with a view to bagging a husband.

However, I would not mind spending the day looking at any one of the following beauties… Jeff Bridges, Jeff Goldblum or Liam Neeson….just to annoy my friends.

Talk about oneupmanship!…and all of them a ‘Yes’ in the Great Game question.


So who would you pick, and for what reason?


Or perhaps it would be easier to choose from anyone who has ever lived….meeting them as they used to be when they were alive of course.

That might make it easier as historical figures can catch the imagination and be very fascinating.

What about Leonardo Da Vinci or Nikola Tesla or Colonel Percy Fawcett or George Harrison.

So, would that be an easier choice!


Excuse me for being so shallow, but I think that I might pick Elvis Presley, because I could easily spend a whole day just enjoying looking at him.

That man was so pretty….and definitely a ‘Yes’, even to the Second Great Game Question.

And that would SO ANNOY MY FRIENDS!


I expect that most of you would choose for far more sensible reasons.

If you want to write a comment saying who you would choose….from either the present day, or the past, or both….then please do so.

I think stuff like that is fascinating, especially if you give the reasons for your choice!


However, as this is the real world, and it is a Tuesday, I shall probably only meet the person serving in the Spar shop when I pop in to ask if they have got any Warburton’s Potato Pancakes in yet.

Such is life.





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