All Teeth And Eyes!

Hello, Hello,


My goodness, what an outstandingly beautiful day today …. there is heat, blue skies and wonderful sunshine, even in the early part of the morning.

When you consider that I have also had the most outstanding weekend, then all is pretty much perfect!


Big H and I have been enjoying a visit from the family and it was great fun …. we even had my brother here for a few hours too …. and he took us all out for a meal to top it off.


The only downside is that the house always seems to be very quiet for a short time afterwards, until everything goes back to normal once again.

This morning I have an appointment at the dentist’s, and I am hoping that this will be the last one.

It is funny really, but even when I know that there is no chance of any drilling or injections etc when I get there, I still don’t feel exactly happy to be there and the moment of leaving is always a very welcome one.

It must be the old memories of the less-than-caring dental treatments of my childhood coming to the surface even now.


I should also have been going to the opticians this afternoon, for the resolution of my recent prescription problem, but they rang to cancel it yesterday due to the optician being off work all of a sudden.

Annoyingly, there was no open appointment left for another 10 days, and it will have to be on a Saturday morning too.

If I had not accepted that one I would have had to wait yet another two wait almost a month to see someone, never mind it being one of their best opticians, which was what I was told it would need to be because of the cost of them correcting their mistakes.

As it takes a few weeks to have my very thin lenses made to such a high prescription, I shall end up having had to wear five-year old prescription spectacles for a few months …. not great!


Never mind, with eyes as short-sighted as mine I don’t think I would have lasted very long in medieval times because I would never be able to see well enough to hide or run away in order to avoid bad things.

So I am grateful really to modern optometry, even with these occasional glitches.


I shall have to go now or I shall miss my appointment …. but, as it is so very sunny that we can drive there with the top down.


And keep your own sunny-side up too!




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