All We Need Is A Pimm’s To Make It Perfect.

Hey Folks,


So here we are again, meeting on yet another Thursday.


Yesterday was amazingly warm and the sun shone industriously the whole day long.

Big H felt energetic enough to get out in the garden and strim the edges of everything, so now we are all neat and tidy.


He rewarded himself afterwards with a good long sunbathe on the grass while reading his latest library book.

I went to take our books back recently and there were quite a few books which were new to the shelves, and which had  just been returned.

Only one take-out stamp on them.

A real treat.


I have just finished one of them, which is The Kill Zone by Chris Ryan.

Strangely enough, I got it out for Big H but for some reason I began reading it myself, and really enjoyed it.

Of course I am not au-fait with all of the descriptions of weapons such as a gimpy, LASM’s and UMP’s….don’t ask!…. but it didn’t seem to matter!

Obviously this is proof of a damn good popular writer of rollicking real adventures.


It may also be because Mr Ryan knows what he is writing about, having been in the SAS for a decade and also being a sniper team commander.

He was also awarded the Military Medal.

No wonder the stories are so engrossing and so real!


I shall definitely read more of this newly discovered genre.

It is just as well that I loved his work, because if I had said I hated it, then he probably knows a hundred different ways to kill an overly critical critic.


The weather forecast for today is that the temperature will keep rising.

Yesterday I had a painting to finish, so I stayed in the house, but today I shall endeavour to get a good dose of Vitamin D in the sunshine….if a promised delivery arrives in time to allow me to do that.

Unfortunately it is another of those strange British package deliveries that takes place between about 8am and 6pm, so I shall have to keep my fingers crossed…. and my legs and my eyes!


I hope that you are having some equally enjoyable days in the sun yourself.

Have fun.








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