An Excellent Few Days.

Hey, Hey,


I hope that you are feeling fine in the aftermath of a fabulous weekend …. ‘cos I am.


At the moment I am feeling very spoiled because Big H and I have had yet another family visit, and that makes it twice in one month!

Total Spoiling!


The weekend was great, with being treated to a fine meal out and going for a long and rambling walk in the nearby woodland.

In actual fact, because of Big H’s dubious health over the past several years, it has been a long time since we have been there and if I had been dropped down into the woods blindfold, then I would not have recognised where I was at all.

During those passing years there has been a complete sea change in the appearance of the woodland.

All of the big old trees have been chopped down and only the small trees are left standing, with the stumps of the old trees still sticking up amongst them.

It had quite a ‘Hammer House Of Horrors‘ look about it, to be absolutely truthful.

But even so, it was an enjoyable ramble and we all got home just as the rain began to fall again.


I also had lots to eat and even more to drink …. which was naughty, but hey, you cannot be good all of the time.

And I may as well confess that I ate the major part of a huge catering size Tiramisu too!


Now Big H and I are alone once more and the house seems empty, but he has just made me a 4 rasher bacon bun for brunch ( I got up late), and we are being thwarted in our intention to go for a walk because the weather is now giving it large with the ‘sleety-rain’ once more.

Roll on summer is what I say, and the sooner the better too.


Have a good day yourself, although you may not be lucky enough to be served with a delicious crispy bacon sandwich, with tasty brown sauce in it.

But you can wish!




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