Another Reference To ‘The End Of Days’.



Good morning to you.


We have a beautiful morning here today.

I awoke to sunshine and some blue sky….no rain at all yet.

I would quit while I am ahead but unfortunately there is the rest of the day to get through….and that probably means even more rain.


But then again, there is always a bright side, and in this case it is that I have not had to water the plants in my patio for ages.

At present they are succulent and green, making the whole place very restful.

Of course I can rarely sit out there because of all of the rain….but hey!


I wanted to tell you something more about the subject of my post entitled ‘December 12th 2012. The End Of Days.‘, published on 5.7.2010.

This post refers to the various myths, prophecies and tribal beliefs etc. that refer to a coming cataclysm.

This is prophesied to happen on December 12th 2010, as it is reported as having happened  many times before in mans’ history, most peoples having myths and stories of great floods etc that destroy past civilisations which were once present and thriving on the earth.


Recently I read an interesting book titled ‘The Keys To The Temple’ written by David Furlong.

It is a book which gives a different view on our early history.

Mr Furlong is a town planner who has researched into such subjects as ley lines an sacred sites all over the world.

He says that in the books ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods, by Graham hancock and ‘Keeper Of Genesis’ co-written with Robert Bauval, there was argument for an earlier culture being destroyed about 10,500BC.

Once more, this is found in Hopi beliefs and myths….as referred to in the previous post.


He also says that in Mayan culture they believed that 3114BC was the time of the ending of the fourth age.

The fifth age, which is our own, they believed would end on 22nd December AD2012 when it’s cycle is completed.


Myths tell us that each previous cycle ended with global upset.


Is it not all very strange to think about!

There are always tiny problems in paradise!

So have a fine sunshiny day yourself.



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