Are You Sitting Comfortably, Then I’ll Begin.



Just though that I would show off and start your day with a smile ‘cos I only learned how to do that yesterday.

Hey, come on, it is better late than never.

Remember we are talking old dogs and new tricks here!


I am afraid that winter is still a’comin in here….with a vengeance.

It feels cold all of the time now and it is a great pleasure to go to an electrically heated bed.

Big H held out for a few days, but now he wants his side warmed up too, and this is only mid-October.

Soon it will be Dr. Zhivago time again.


Not a lot has been happening here except for cutting the grass and tidying up the fallen leaves in the garden.

It is overlooked by a huge Sycamore tree which is spitefully only casting off it’s leaves on days where the wind is blowing towards our garden

That’s how it feels anyway!


Never mind, I shall tell you a little love story to warm up your hearts.


This took place in the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in the Bristol area of the UK.


And so the story begins.

Four long years ago there was a lonely giraffe who was called Gerald.

He lived alone at the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in a faraway place near Bristol, which is a busy city on a small cold island called Britain.


He had no giraffe wife and no giraffe friends to help him pass his lonely days, and Noah was probably too busy watching for rain to have time to spend with him.

Though strenuous efforts were made to find a lady giraffe to invite to Noah’s Ark, they were never successful, for many reasons.

Some giraffes were not suitable,  because of foot and mouth outbreaks in a far off land called South Africa, and some because of bluetongue regulations.

I do not know what bluetongue regulations are, but I think they mean that a wicked Emperor called Bluetongue, who was a prodigious and mighty cheap red wine drinker, wanted to keep all of the giraffes for himself and not share them with anyone who did not send him yearly tributes of bog standard red wine.


But things were not too sad because Gerald eventually managed to get himself a friend.

This pal was called Eddie, and he was a fine and handsome goat.


Although Gerald was all of fifteen feet tall and Eddie was of average goat-size, they began to spend many companionable hours walking happily together discussing X Factor,whether a suitable bride would ever be found, and whether Posh Spice’s legs had actually become magically wrinkled as had been recently reported in the British tabloids.

Tabloids being a way of producing beautifully patterned paper in order to wrap up fish and chips, which were a favourite food on the little island where Gerald lived.


Now, whilst all of this was going on in Britain, there were wonderful things afoot in another far-off corner of the world, which was named Eastern Europe.


After four long years, the messengers who had been searching the whole world for a suitable partner for Gerald, were finally successful in their epic quest to stop Gerald being sad.


Now,time has passed, and the beautiful Genevieve has been brought to Noah’s Ark to make Gerald the happiest giraffe in the whole of Britain.


Hopefully their story will end with a paradise of ‘happily ever afters!’


The end.





Link to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Information.


2 Responses to “Are You Sitting Comfortably, Then I’ll Begin.”

  1. nelly says:

    this is an adorable post 🙂 made me smile (for the first time this week).

    it’s been crazy busy at work, very little personal time – which explains my snappy demeanor lately.

    re: 113 mill lotto question > I’d quit the day job – in all honesty. Start up a small NFP to help single mom immigrants and those that fled from violence / abuse. Grant scholarships to poorer families that can’t afford to pay post secondary tuition for their smart kids. And of course, native development up north through education and physical activity. Travel, a lot, photograph, a lot, and have more time for Tea with my mum 🙂

    I have a couple of neat videos to share. one’s just great to watch, and the other is great to listen to (talented choir – many modern remixes of good oldies)..

    • Jaksie says:

      Hi Nelly,
      i am glad you liked it!
      This week is sounding like a bit of a bummer for you, luckily you will have another week beginning soon and all untouched as yet.
      Let’s hope that the next one is heavier on fun….and teatimes with your Mum.
      Thank you for the video links.
      I enjoyed the yellow notes.
      If that is what you would do with the money then it is a shame that it was not you who won it!
      Funny to think of someone walking around, worrying about bills etc, when they are actually within reach of such a life changing sum….for six months anyway!
      Take care of yourself,

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