Bartering and Beaches

Hi Peeps,

I have had a lovely day out today,

Big H and I got ready early this morning in order to travel to Tynemouth and visit the market, which is held on both Saturdays and Sundays, in the old railway station near to the sea.


This station is a beautiful Victorian building, built in 1882, which has a lovely,and very fancy, cast iron structure with a glass roof.

The stalls are all set out on both platforms and the brilliant thing is that the trains are all still running on schedule picking up and collecting passengers. It is wonderfully bustling and busy. The goods on display range from real antiques to proper junk, by way of army memorabilia and home made foods. Excellent stuff.


A guy sings and plays his guitar at the top of the stairs connecting the two platforms and his repertoire contains songs from Phil Collins and a locally grown Supergroup called Dire Straits.

He is a really good performer and Big H was moved enough to put £1 in his guitar case. An accolade indeed !

I was quick to buy a lovely black satin dress in the style of a Schiaparelli creased column gown and a long, black net ballerina skirt, all for the most satisfactory sum of £4 .

It would have been rude not too.

Big H, who hates this sort of place was quite tickled to find and buy himself a boxed digital micrometer, whatever that is !

The stallholder wanted £15 for it but he was smartly bartered down to a mere £10. I think he’s got it, by George he’s got it !

After that we went to Marshall’s for a most welcome meal of fish and chips, which we ate in the restaurant part of the premises.

I indulged myself with a portion of mushy peas, which is always served in a seperate little dish, and we both enjoyed copious amounts of tea served in thick white cups and saucers. Lovely.

Then we enjoyed the high point of the day and went for a long walk on both of the beaches. The weather was quite hazy and cloudy but there were still many people out enjoying the day.

I have uploaded some pictures so you can admire the beach but I can honestly tell you that on a hot summer’s day the place is even more magnificent.

I got a bit carried away as usual and ended up soaked to the thighs, so my new boots may well fall apart, but it was well worth it.

What a day.



Tynemouth Market 27.6.09

Picture 1.

Taken on 27-6-2009 by Big H

Tynemouth Station.

Grade II* Listed

.It was opened in 1882.

.This is one of Tynesides busiest markets.





Long Sands

Long Sands

Picture 2.

Taken on 27-6-2009 by Big H

Long Sands

Showing a distant view of St. George’s Gothic church, above the Long Sands beach at Cullercoats.

.Built by the Duke Of  Northumberland in 1884.

.The 180ft spire was used by the local fishermen to find their way home.

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