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Let Us Rock!

Hi, . I have recently been awed once again at the amount of  by some children. . At the moment I am stunned by an eight year old girl called Zoe Thomson, who is obviously a rock star of the future. . This is the young lady herself playing her unfinished version of Stratosphere alongside […]

Congratulations To Nick Vujicic And His Bride!

Hey, . It is wonderful to hear that Nick Vujicic got married in California on 10th February this year. His bride is the very beautiful Kanae Miyahara. . They honeymooned in Hawaii, and will live together in California. . You may remember my , who suffers from Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, and who has no arms or […]

Ahad. A Miracle Of Healing.

Hi, . As I was researching for  about ‘half head man’, I came across a truly inspiring story. . In Dayton, Ohio, a 14 year old boy was a bystander who was terribly injured during a shooting. He was found in a pool of blood, with an area of his head destroyed. . His surgeons […]

Half Head Man.

Hi, . For some time now, there have been mug-shot pictures of a man on YouTube, a man who appeared to have only half of his head. . Most people said that it was the result of Photoshop alterations, but now it seems that the truth is that it is possible to recover as normal […]

Texting Can Be Dangerous!

Hey, . Something technological for you today. . It is noticeable that people are completely addicted to texting nowadays. . Big H and I were recently surprised to see what happened when some uniformed young ladies, who had just left school for the day, got onto a bus we were travelling back home on. The […]

Cats’ Love Them Mousies!

Hello. . If you have a cat, and you spare no expense to make your furry friend happy, then this post is definitely for you. . The RSPCA in Australia have created three games called the ‘Affection Collection’ that can be played on an iPad …. by your cat! Kitty Chef is a game about […]

Furious Parent Shoots Disrespectful Daughter’s Computer

Hi, . Today’s post is about parenting …. and discipline. . This is the tale of an angry parent in America who has a 15 year old daughter. . This daughter wrote at length on her Facebook page, which was blocked to her parents, about how totally pissed-off she was with her family life and […]

Proactiv At Boots! Clear Up Your Spots And Pimples For £39.99?

Hello, . Although your reputation may be spotless …. are you? . Boots have done it again. I think that they will have  on their stores in the UK tomorrow (Feb. 15th)! . The stores are launching a new product which is already used by millions world-wide, and by celebrities in particular. Katie Parry is […]

It’s Doggone Good Stuff!

Hi, . My goodness, I seem to be watching a lot of the most popular YouTube videos at the moment …. and yet more doggy things! . Obviously I don’t have a lot on my mind! . I quite liked the one of Smitty when he discovered the film Marmaduke. . The beautiful dog’s owner came […]

The Italian Job.

So, . Something very inventive is coming your way very, very, soon. . Soon, you will need to buy your dog a new dogfood. It will need to be Bakers Complete Meaty Meal …. or else! . Soon, there will be a new advert coming to a television screen near to you …. and your […]