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Brawl At Royal Ascot On Ladies Day. June 2011.

Wow . Fings aint wot they . . It used to be a day of elegance and style, but this year it was the scene of a such as you might see at the weekend in any city centre. . It seems that the rules have relaxed to a dire point which allows this sort […]

‘Well Educated’ Woman Told To STFU On Train! Video.

Hi, . Just could not resist this clip . . It shows a ‘charming’ and ‘well educated’ lady, and was filmed by a passenger who witnessed a scene which took place on the Metro North Railroad. . The ‘well educated’ and loud mouthed lady was approached by a conductor who very politely asked her to […]

Amazing What People Will Do For Free Clothes.

Hi, . Would you like a free outfit from a store. What would you be prepared to do for it. . Would you be prepared to queue overnight….in your underwear…in the rain! How about all of the above, but you will also be entertained by a band from ! . NO. Well, some people already […]

Thursday Is Here Again.

Hi Peeps, . What a beautiful morning it was today. . I arose early to find brightness and sunshine, which has now degenerated back into greyness and rain, but at least you don’t have time to get bored with the weather up here. . Talking about being bored, it was most exciting seeing the effects […]

I See A Red Moon Rising.

Hello, . Just a quickie for you in case you want to watch for something unusual happening to the moon tonight….and no, it is not going to be a this time. . Tonight the moon will turn red for a time as it passes through the ‘s shadow in a total eclipse, lasting until the […]

Furious Surgeon Orders Clegg And Cameron ‘Off His Ward’

Oh Bliss Oh Poop, . I would love to tell Clegg and Cameron, and all the , to ‘bugger off’ myself”….but someone has finally done it. . were at Guy’s Hospital to put forward their latest U-Turn on policy. . They decided to take a while they were there putting a spin on things. . […]

Frank And Rita Take A Picture.

Hi, . As nothing much is happening in my life at the moment, with Big H still not too well, I have spent more time looking on the web to amuse myself….well, it beats ! . Here is a nice video. It is about a nice couple called Rita and Frank, who have, on the […]

Orangutan Saves Drowning Duckling.

Hi, . Happy Tuesday to yourself. . I have found a new and interesting video on YouTube which features a baby duckling and an orangutan. . The baby duck was struggling in a zoo pool, after seeming to being abandoned by it’s mother. . The , taking a rest beside the pool, suddenly sees the […]

Sandcastles Rock.

Hi Peeps, . Something really serious and architectural for you today. What satisfaction there is to be found in putting up a beautiful building that becomes a well for others to admire. . Of course sometimes you ! . Ed Jarret hails from in the USA. Recently he was certified as officially breaking his own […]

Debbie Looks For A Soulmate!

Hi, . . The latest Internet craze seems to be one which was posted at the beginning of June. It has garnered over 3m viewers. . That is because it purports to be a genuine e-harmony video bio from a girl called Debbie who is looking for love….and is a graduate MBA. . She is […]