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The UFO’s Keep Coming In 2012!

Hey Peeps, . More strange and  going on again all over the world. . On January 27th there were reports of a blue UFO with red lights, which was seen passing slowly over Utah. A gentleman called Anthony Piceno took the following film of it, which was later shown on The Weather Channel. . Weather […]

The Incredible Balancing Dog!

Hey, . I just love this. . myself! . . . . And no, I could not do that

Would You Like A Dance With That Sir?

Hey, . It is always nice when you get those ‘free extras’ when travelling by plane. . However some of them are more unusual than others. . For instance, on the Finnair flight from Helsinki to New Delhi, on January 26th 2012. . For those of you who don’t know, that was the day to […]

Etta James Is Gone.

Hi, . As you probably know, the wonderful and unique Etta James has died. . Her funeral was held in Inglewood Cemetery in California, and was well attended by the great and good of the music world. . She died on 20th January, after problems with Leukemia and dementia. She was 73 years of age. […]

Synchronised Pleasures.

Hi, welcome to Sunday, . Unfortunately, I could not sleep again last night, so I ended up rising in the very early hours, in a very cold house. . After making myself a huge pot of Lapsang and a hot Warburton’s Potato Pancake, I snuggled up in the big chair and read an Alex Cross […]

Who Is The Walrus?

Hey, hey, . So, who remembers the Beatles singing ‘I Am The Walrus.’ . You don’t! …. my dear, you are showing your age! . Well, I do remember it and those wonderful, far-off days of red wine, Mary Quant fashions and  the availability of the very first birth control pills. Yeah, the Swinging Sixties!!! […]

Jacob Riis. Iconic And Life-Changing Work.

Hi, . Some people can make such a difference by how they choose to live their lives. One such person was Jacob A. Riis. . Jacob Riis was originally Danish, although he later emigrated to America where he eventually became a police reporter. He used the new of medium flash photography to make late-night visits […]

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Hi, . I was reading about an unusual lady this week, who wowed everyone in Mumbai recntly when  at an event there. She is called Tao Porchon-Lynch. She re-located from India to America in her thirties. She is a Yoga Master, having practiced for the past 70 years, and she still teaches. She is 93. […]

Music In The Style Of.

Hey, . Some people just have style. . This is Lukas Kmit  playing the violin, in the , which was an orthodox Jewish synagogue in Slovakia…. until he was so rudely interrupted! .   . If it was not an arranged happening by the phone company …. then it should have been! You may try […]

The Best Days Of Your Life?

Hi, . Sad news in Maryland. . An 11 year old boy called Kaleb Kula, is a pupil at Elkton Middle School. . It is reported that he has been  while at the school, even though he is autistic and cannot defend himself. . Eventually proof of the  has come to light because a pupil […]