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Too Good To Miss.

Hey, . Happy Monday. . Apparently we are going to have another period of good weather this week, culminating in extremely high temperatures over the Easter weekend…sounds like a treat ….if it happens! Of course that probably means the roads will be packed with cars containing older men in hats….all their collective noses. . This […]

Spoof. See Royal Wedding Video….Not!

Hello Sunday Peeps, . So let’s start the day with a laugh. . Do you want a preview of the coming Royal Wedding….well here it is….just for you! . Come on, let’s face it, it is probably more fun than the real one will be. . . . If you have been reading my blog […]

Keep Your Hair On.

Hello, . So here we all are at the start of the weekend. I don’t know what mine will hold but we have woken to blue sky and white puffed clouds, so that is a more promising beginning than has been usual this week. . Last night we chilled out with movies, and big bowls […]

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.

Hi, . And a good afternoon to you from a cold and grey place. It is a good job that I  have a slight tan from that recent exotic spell of weather because otherwise it would be hard to believe that it ever happened at all. Looking out from my window I see that everyone […]

Haiku: Connection.

Connection. . Suddenly to look – Meeting the enquiring eye Of a quiet bird

Poem: Fast Lane.

Fast Lane. . . Yes….Yes….Yes, It feels good To finally know That I absolutely can Tell you to fuck off…. And really mean it. . .

Cool Fun.

Hello again, . Well, I feel better once more, now that I have had a laugh with the newest UTube sensation. . It is a a boy called Trevor….or as he likes to be known…. iTr3vor. . This extrovert young man goes into Apple stores and then takes videos of himself dancing to different tunes […]

A Rubbish Day Was Had By All.

Hi, . Sorry the post is a bit late today but we were up early for the hospital visit. . Big H does not look forward to the ones like today at all. Apparently the procedure is not at all enjoyable, because your head gets fixed in position and then the headpiece is fitted tight […]

It’s A Winner.

Good Morning Dear Peeps, . What a fine morning we have up here in the North of England. There are hazy skies, arguably a bit grey, and odd bits of sunshine….but it feels warm! . There will not be a lot going on here today but we may manage a little walk later if Big […]

Poem: The Heebie Jeebies.

The Heebie Jeebies. . . Looking out from the window On such a moonlit night Is like being in a plot From a Dean R. Koontz novel. . .