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Waterproofing For Dummies!

Hello, Hello, . Monday beckons …. and up here we have blue skies and sunshine …. I kid you not! I feel quite uplifted actually. Birds are singing and everything. . I may have to rush up to my wardrobe to don my blue Disney dress with the white pinny, plus the white opaque stockings […]

Haiku: Sticky Wicket.

Sticky Wicket. . . Why don’t you fuck off – You can only blame yourself For fly-paper lies. . ,

A Whole Lot Of Nothing Going On.

Hey, . And a ‘Good Day’ to you. . We are enjoying some better weather here today, with patches of weak sunshine amongst the usual heavy grey clouds and rainy periods. It also feels a bit warmer. In general it feels like a timely reminder that spring is coming eventually. . When Big H and […]

Poem: Liar,Liar.

Liar,Liar. . . So, is gritting your only job, Constantly spreading it underneath Every conversation that we have In order that you don’t slip-up. . .

Are They Watching Us!!!!!!

Hi, . And so the weirdness goes on. Here, in the early days of 2012, there have been many reports of UFO’s overhead. For instance, it has been reported that UFO’s were observed at Chatham in Kent at the beginning of January 2012, and in Essex last Friday, in the early morning. . These are […]

Hmmm, Wednesday’s Here!

Hi, . So how was your yesterday then! I hope that it was a good one, which has left you eager to meet the new day. . Mine was fine thank you! We ended the day by watching a new film, which made us very late in eventually getting to bed. It was called ‘Killer […]


Hey,Hey, . So here I am again, faced by a white world full of glittering rooftops, ice, and a heavy skyy, with a counterpoint of black birds trying to make a winter living. . Luckily I stayed up very late last night, with a big plate of oatcakes, sliced apples and Edam cheese, along with […]

Boots To Die For.

Hey, . What a day. Colder than yesterday, with every item in the house feeling icy cold to the touch, including me. Why oh why, do I have the need to get up so early on these icy mornings before the house has even warmed up a little bit! . Never mind though, because I […]

Fun In Russia.

Hi, . It is unfeasibly cold here today in the far north. . I awoke early to below freezing temperatures, bright white ice covering everything, and a heavy haze of fog. It is like an advert for some fine place to go to for a skiing holiday. . Although I am not sporty myself, I […]

Old People.

Hello Peeps, . I was just reading one of those staples that you find in newspapers regularly. . You know the one I mean, where old people well over the age of 100 are asked why they have managed to reach such an impossible age, and what they put their longevity down to. . The […]