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Apples Falling From The Sky.

Hi, . So, have you still got stewed apples left over from Christmas day, to put in the turkey sandwiches?….I have!! For me, it is very important not to forget to buy a bagfull of them in the panic of the festive rush. . However, for some lucky people, apples can just appear out of […]

Ahhh, Cat Calms Crying Baby.

Hi, . Here is a quick, but sweet, little video for you. . . . . Ahhhhh! . . .

Christmas Day Is Finally Here.

A Merry Merry Christmas to you, . What can I say to you on such a special morning except that …. and please do imagine me saying it with glittering tinsel round my head, a sticky glass of Buck’s Fizz in my hand, and a half empty box of Belgian chocolates nearby! . I am […]

Poem: Christmas Eve.

Poem: Christmas Eve. . . It’s hard work trying To swim against the tide Of office workers Released from the pen, Moving through the spaces like salmon Going home. . . .  

Whoaahhh. Flyboarding by Zapata Racing.

Hi, . If you watched the 2008 film ‘Ironman’, starring Robert Downey Jnr. in the lead role, and wished to be like the superhero Tony Stark….then this post is especially for you. Everything eventually comes to he, or she, who waits. . Now , a gentleman named Franky Zapata, from Marseilles in France, has unveiled […]

Still The Usual Suspect.

Hello, . I thought we should do something a bit fishy today…..so here it is! . I was looking at the Greenland Shark again. You remember the post where he was eventually thought to be the culprit who causes the strange that were puzzling researchers into the great numbers of frequent and very mysterious seal […]

How Did Things Go For Sung-Bong Choi.

Hi People, . Do you remember . He was a homeless young man who had been living alone on the streets since the age of only 5. . Luckily he decided to enter Korea’s Got Talent this year. . I suddenly realised that I had not done a follow-up post for you. So here it […]

Attention. A Fabulous Christmas Present For British Muggles.

Hi, . And a Merry Christmas to you! . If you are still thinking of wonderful presents, then you could add the promise of a special treat to Christmas Day’s rewards. . If you are living with a Harry Potter fan, you could promise them the perfect present …. a Muggles dream day out. And […]

Jack Frost Is Visiting.

Hi, . Oooh, it is bloody freezing this morning. . I had one of my very early wake-up mornings , and eventually had to get up at about 4.30am, because I got sick of lying in bed staring at the night. . It was probably my own fault this time because I got a bit […]

Little Miss Muffet Has Nothing On THIS Stuff!

Hi, . Have you seen the BigDog Robot, which has been developed by Boston Dynamics, with funding supplied by DARPA …. Defense Advanced Research Agency. . The following film is from 2008. It shows how the can work on ice and snow, walk over stones etc., and also how it can jump and clinb while […]