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Haiku: Glory.

Glory.   These are shy flowers – Made into a daisy chain For tangled red hair.   .

More Of The Same.

Hey,Hey,   And so it goes on …. and on. We have a most wonderful day again today. It is real designer stuff, with all of the things you would request if you were ordering one from a ‘blue skies’ provider.   Such enjoyable sunshine and heat.   I know that a lot of people […]

Harrod’s Could Not Do It Better.

Hey,   OMG …. what a STELLAR day.   The grass is neon green, the sky is luminously blue, and everything is even better than perfect. Do you know, if you ordered a perfect day from Harrods, they could not do it better, And it is totally free!   This morning, after breakfast, Big H […]

haiku: Hallmark Advice.

Hallmark Advice.   Grow your own love tree – The more fruit you give away The more fruit it grows. . .

All Teeth And Eyes!

Hello, Hello,   My goodness, what an outstandingly beautiful day today …. there is heat, blue skies and wonderful sunshine, even in the early part of the morning. When you consider that I have also had the most outstanding weekend, then all is pretty much perfect!   Big H and I have been enjoying a […]

Haiku: Trust.

Trust.   To reach out a hand – In the hope of finding out That someone is there.   .

BPoMD 120: Running With Wolves.

Running With Wolves.   Nothing ached this morning So I ran up the stairs On all fours . .

BPoMD 119. FurryPurry.

FurryPurry.   An unexpected meeting With the nicest of cats In a quiet garden.   .

BPoMD 118. Keep The Homefires Burning.

keep the homefires burning.   that elusive tang of woodsmoke, drifting, as you hurry home on a cold winter’s night   .

Haiku: Truth.

Truth.   Believing in truth Still allows for tooth fairies – And Father Christmas.   .