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Speccy Four Eyes Has A Problem.

Hey,   It’s Wednesday already. Excellent!   We had a busy day yesterday …. at the opticians.   Recently, I had an eye test in our local city …. and then I asked how much it would cost to just have my own diamante-type frames re-glazed, instead of buying new ones. There does not seem […]

Haiku: Feeling Groovy.

Feeling Groovy.   Watching cars go by – Wondering who is driving And what they rush to. . .

Mr. Button.

Happy Monday to you,   So, how are you! I am fine, thank you!   Yesterday we were lucky that the rain stayed away and we managed to actually get into the garden and do some very necessary tidying up. My task was to pick up and bag the deep drifts of well crisped brown […]

Brown Sauce Makes It Perfect..

Hi’ya,   We have a dramatic day today, with an ever-changing aspect. It is totally black and moody one minute, and then the sky suddenly splits to show bright luminous blueness as strong sunshine pours down.   I am hoping that the sunshine wins because we are planning to go and tidy the garden up […]

BPoMD 117. Trail.

Trail.   I have some chunky new leather boots With thick heavy tread soles. They leave the most amazing tracks When I walk through the mud. . .  

First Cut Of The Season

Good Morning, . Well, things have picked up weatherwise now. Yesterday it was so sunny in the afternoon that we went for a ‘pootle about’ in the car …. and with the top down too! . It was lovely driving around Northumberland, gazing at the lush greenness which suddenly changes into bare landscapes with only […]

BPoMD 116: Blackbird.

Blackbird.   On our walks We pass a dead blackbird. He has changed over the days To a mere outline of himself. . .

My D.I.Y. ‘Long Bob’ Haircut.

Good Morning to you, . And so we start another warm day, although there is not very much blue sky showing at all. . Yesterday turned out to be a very good day indeed. My ‘chancey’ hair experiment went very, very well. I was ‘Lucky! Lucky! Lucky’ as  would say. . I suddenly made up […]

One Battle Won And One Battle Lost.

Hi, . Things are going very well here. . We have a warmish day, although there is a heavy grey sky which is seeming to be mere inches above the rooftops. There are also thousands of shy snowdrops to be seen all over the place, looking as if they have been freshly created from pristine […]

Sodding Gremlins!

Hello . Jaksie’s Back!!!! Did you miss me! . Well, I shall regard the past few weeks as a well earned holiday …. but in actual fact …. it was a nasty Gremlin attack. . And, of course, computers can just be . Now this was somewhat of a problem for me, because as you […]