Bah! Humbuggery.



Happy Tuesday to yourself.


Never mind, it may be back to work but you will soon be off again and the sun is forecast to shine on.


It makes life so cheerful to have sunshine, and other people are so much happier under that influence.

It makes for a more colourful life generally.


Like parakeets do.

I love to see a sudden flash of bright colour in the trees….like those that I was recently surprised by, and much enjoyed, in Windsor.


Unfortunately it seems that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, may have decided to cull the Monk Parakeets that have been happily living in the south for decades, since their release into the wild.

In their opinion these pretty things are a terrible threat to native infrastructure, native British wildlife, and also to various crops.

In the same way that our extremely un-pretty British government is.


Why do they suddenly do such things when there is so much else that should be done, and never actually is, once the posturing is all over.


Why are they not bothered about the air, sea and river quality.

Why, when the bounty of the world is so abused, do they drag their feet every inch of the way.

Why are native birds and animals wasted carelessly by our treatment of the countryside and the over-use of pesticides.

Why were eggs allowed to become dangerous because of Salmonella.

Why were cows fed the remains of other animals and caused to develop Mad Cow Disease.

Why are animals for human consumption fed so many hormones.

Why do politicians do whatever they please and take no notice of the opinions of the people who put them into power.

Why do politicians get away with blatantly stealing money, by means of inflated and untrue expenses claims etc, without being sent to prison.

Why have Indian Balsam and Giant Hogweed been allowed to sprout all over the place for years, and to oust native plants.

Why are some court proceedings held in secret, to make judgements about ordinary peoples’ lives and families.

Why are we allowing the fish stocks to be wiped out.

What about the destruction of the ice caps.

What about the slaughter of whales and dolphins and tigers and lots of other bloody things.

What about the ill treatment of people in hospitals and care homes.

What about people who are trafficked and forced into prostitution.

What about ‘no vote being allowed’ on the joke of the century…the Common Market.


Oh yes.

Oh sorry, I didn’t get it for a minute….it was obviously the parakeets wot caused all of that!

Let’s kill ’em all then!


Any comment yourself!




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