Bloody Fibbers!

Hi and Good Morning,


Whoah….it is now getting bloody freezing again, as the weather forecasters predicted.

How inconvenient, we shall all be snowed in for Christmas at this rate because everything will stop again and the whole country will be in chaos once more.

It is amazing really that it always happens here, no matter how many times the weather is bad.

No-one ever learns any lessons in this country…. that is why we developed the ‘stiff upper lip’ in order to cope with the constant frustration of it!


The good thing is that I am now almost completely up-to-date with buying all of the Christmas presents, which are now waiting. all wrapped up with bells,bows and all of the trimmings.

We are only waiting for one more to arrive, which is in transit.


Because Big H has been so ill, and has variable and totally unreliable energy levels, we decided to do a lot of our gift shopping on the web this year.

It has not been too bad except for slow postage.

You are told that it will take a couple of days to get to you but it actually can take weeks, but that was probably due to the previous heavy snow that disrupted the roads and rail.


One online firm was very very annoying though.

We went onto the site and ordered goods that were all marked as ‘in stock’ and ready for delivery immediately.

If it had not said that then we would have continued looking, having already rejected some sites because we would have had to wait until the items we wanted were restocked.

This was a three-part present.


Well, one part of the order arrived in about four days.

We recieved an e-mail saying that the other two items would be sent seperately when available.


About a week later another part of the order arrived.

We then recieved a second e-mail saying that the third part of the order would arrive when it was finally in stock again.


I was very annoyed because they should not tell fibs to get your custom and then make you worry that a necessary part of a present will not arrive in time for Christmas.


Big H finally solved the worrying problem by going onto a ‘Toys R Us‘ website on Monday to see if they had the item we wanted in stock.

They did, and they very efficiently had it delivered to a local store for picking up the very next morning.

He came back home with the item and then immediately cancelled the order with the other evil online company.

I was totally impressed with Toys R Us and will go to them in future.


Well, I am sorry if that was very boring for you, but that will teach you to come here and read my posts.

You have no-one to blame but yourself.

Anyway, at the very least, it should allow you to go away feeling that at least your life is more interesting than mine is!!!!


Now, go forth, and avoid websites that tell fibs because you do not have time to waste before Christmas if you have left your ordering sooo late….unlike me!




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