Boots The Opticians Really Sucks Big-Time!


Sorry to have missed yesterday’s post but I was too busy having a shitty day.


In the morning I went into town with Big H because I had my eye re-test appointment at Boots Opticians.

As you know, this was necessary because the last prescription they did for me was apparently wrong, and this meant that the lenses that the online optician re-glazed my glasses with was the wrong one.

Therefore I could not see properly with the specs.


Surprisingly, once I went to the optical department, I was told I needed to discuss the matter with a gentleman who said that he was the manager dealing with the problem.

He then told us that he needed to check my glasses closely because the on-line firm had probably got some necessary measurements wrong instead of it being Boots fault.

Eventually Big H lost patience and said the examination of my lenses had been done the last time I came in and that was why I was now there for a re-test.


The man was aggressive and Big H said that all that needed to be done was the eye test which would show whether the previous prescription which they had given me was wrong or not.


The man kept saying there would be no test if he could not keep on examining the glasses.


Big H lost patience and told him that he was now going to take me to another optician to have my eyes tested and if the result proved that Boots had done a bad job then he would take them to court to get his money refunded.

The guy then calmed down and said he was our friend and on our side and of course I could have a test immediately.


The test showed that the previous prescription was entirely incorrect on the left eye and slightly different on the right eye.

He said that the difference on the right eye was acceptable though!


Amazingly, the man then said that he would tell us what he was ‘prepared to do for us’.

He said we should claim our money back from the on-line firm who did the re-glaze …. and Boots would make up the difference in cost for a new lens.

We said ”you cannot be serious given that the re-glaze was perfectly done…. to the incorrect Boots prescription!”


When we were met with yet more waffle, Big H lost patience and told him to hand us the new prescription because we were now leaving the shop.

We were then told that the re-glaze would be done by Boots at no cost to ourselves, and it would be done with the same high quality Essilor lenses that we had paid for on-line.

He was generally very annoyed about people going to on-line opticians!


The whole experience was dreadful, I was very upset by it all.

Imagine walking into such aggressive stuff when you just expected an eye test.

It was more like dealing with a dodgy car dealer.

Needless to say, we have decided never to step foot in Boots again.


I only hope that this is the end of the whole saga!


Have you had similar experiences to mine …. do tell!




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