Boots To Die For.



What a day.

Colder than yesterday, with every item in the house feeling icy cold to the touch, including me.

Why oh why, do I have the need to get up so early on these icy mornings before the house has even warmed up a little bit!


Never mind though, because I see such beautiful things.

Today,  the world which greeted me was delicately covered with ice, each line of the scene etched wonderfully with silver, like a scene from Narnia.

If mythical creatures had been dancing in the street I would not have been surprised by it.


However, I have something far more down to earth to tell you about.

I just seen the most exciting boots, which I discovered when we went shopping to try and find a decent cover for the Kindle that my children bought me for my Christmas present.

And what a success that inspired gift has been, I just totally love it.

A most suitable present for someone like me, who buys books and then cannot quite seem to actually be capable of getting rid of them when I am threatened by ‘death from piles of falling books’.

Kindles are wonderful!


To get back to the boots though.

I popped into a shop I came across, which was selling designer boots, shoes and bags etc.

And …. I saw some Ugg Kensington boots in the sale …. black ones.

OMG, the fur inside is just dense and thick, and so snug and warm and toasty.


I fell in love with them, and Big H bought me some for my ‘delayed until the sales because I do not know what I want yet’ Christmas present!!!!

Oh, life can have real pleasures sometimes.

Everybody say Ahhhh!


So, it is goodbye until tomorrow, from a very happy and very cosy Jaksie.

Do have a fine furry day yourself too.





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