Boxing Day Today.



So how are you today!

Are you feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed or are you feeling, hung over and too full!

Never mind, even if it is the latter, then it probably seemed a very good idea at the time.


I am sitting here in my new dressing gown, feeling most pleased, and stylish.

Everything went well.

The turkey crown was very tasty and beautifully cooked.

The whole meal was delicious, except for the pudding, which was incredibly sweet, sickly and sticky. YUK!

I chopped it up for the birds this morning so we shall see what their opinion is.  You never know, it may be 5 star nosh to a crow.


Big H liked his Guernsey gansey and wore it all day long.

Usually he feels the cold terribly but yesterday he did not pile on more jumpers all day as he usually does…so it was a success.


As I told you, this was the first Christmas Day that we have spent on our own in almost forty years, but it was a lovely day nevertheless.


Christmas was just like it used to be when we first got married, except for much better cooking skills and a lot less sex.

Oh well, things change!


The weather is still snowy and cold here, with long term forecasts of even more of the same and falling temperatures too.

There were a lot of people who were unable to travel anywhere for this holiday season and spent their time in unexpected venues.


I truly do not understand why we have such problems with any kind of bad weather here in the UK.

In the summer road surfaces appear to melt, in the autumn there are too many leaves on the railway lines etc., in the winter there is too much snow, or wind, or rain, or it is a Thursday, or a Monday, or a Saturday, or there is an ‘R’ in the month.

Sometimes it is like a live version of Alice In Wonderland, and whichever of our totally interchangeable Prime Ministers is in charge becomes another interpretation of The Queen Of Hearts.



I have no idea what we shall do today but it will not include any trudging around the Sales.

I hate shopping and I have never yet rushed out on Boxing day to find the bargains, at least I don’t think that I ever have.


I have been to sales in the past but I get greedy, buying things that are outrageously awful because they are marked down to 90% off the RRP.

I get so carried away that It never seems to occur to my fevered brain that there is a good reason why they have remained unsold all season….and why they require such huge reductions.

Best to stick to TK Max in the search for bargains.


Once again I wish you good cheer and hope that you enjoy the rest of your holiday.




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