Brown Sauce Makes It Perfect..



We have a dramatic day today, with an ever-changing aspect.

It is totally black and moody one minute, and then the sky suddenly splits to show bright luminous blueness as strong sunshine pours down.


I am hoping that the sunshine wins because we are planning to go and tidy the garden up properly today, picking up the drifts of dry brown  leaves etc. which always fall in from from a neighbour’s overly huge sycamore tree, and then binning them neatly.


Unfortunately we also found that the recent strong winds had blown down a section of our lap fencing and broken it up.

This happened previously, about eight or ten years ago, and Big H arranged for a guy to come and fix it …. and he also paid for the work.

This time our neighbour has the responsibility for doing the same thing, thank goodness.

Hopefully it will be done soon, as I like the privacy of being totally enclosed when I am doing gardeny-type things.


There is also a reasonably large amount of litter and crisp packets to pull out of the thorn bushes etc., which keeps on blowing in from the surrounding streets.

I really do wish people would stop throwing down their litter in any old place and take some responsibility for themselves for a change …. I mean, where do they think it all goes!

It is bad enough when you pass pubs and see hundreds of discarded cigarette butts flicked about the streets.


Anyway, enough of that complaining …. all is well with my world at the moment …. and that is a good thing.


Roll on the rest of this quiet Sunday ‘cos there are going to be bacon sandwiches for lunch, along with brown sauce.



Have a fine and tasty one yourself.





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