Busy Day Today.



This is a very late post because we have spent the day in the hospital.

We got there at ten and finally left at five.


It has been an exhausting day and very emotional for us too.

I was a bit worried about Big H getting so tired because he started going to sleep as the afternoon progressed, as well as him having to take a longish walk back to the car park halfway through the afternoon because the parking ticket was about to expire, and the car needed re-parking.


Things are also going very fast now for him.

First there were blood tests to be taken to show his normal blood levels of hormones.

After that, he was given intravenous amounts of adrenalin and asked to lie down for 15 minutes.

At that time his blood pressure was taken while still lying down.

He then had to jump up and another blood pressure test was taken.


The blood pressure should have been the same or higher but it got lower instead, which is a bad thing, and confirmed the prognosis.

After more blood tests all morning he saw a doctor for a talk about hormones.

The doctor decided on a prescription, and explained the hormonal system and how the pituitary controls the hormonal system and gives the lesser glands orders about what to produce.

Everything has secondary elements too, which are very important.

Apparently poor Big H has been struggling on for 20 odd years without any hormones and should have been dead by now as he is a classic case.

Big H gave them permission to take photographs, for use in the future training of doctors.


He was given a lot of tablets to take to replace the two main hormones and mimic each day’s normal levels in a healthy body.

He had to begin his course immediately, in the hospital, as his condition is so bad.

There are two different kinds of hormone tablets.

One to be taken three times a day and one to take once a day.

He was also told now that he has started, he must never stop, or miss any.

Once his body is used to those two tablets, he will begin injections of yet another hormone.


He also had eye examinations today, and went to another department for peripheral eye testing.


Tomorrow we need to go back to another hospital for bone density tests because this condition can cause osteoporosis…..the same as older women can develop after their menopause when oestrogen levels fall.


Soon there will be an MRI scan to see what is wrong with the pituitary gland.

It could be a bleed in there, or a growth, so the doctor is very excited to see what the results are.

It may be something that can be gradually fixed, but it may just prove that there is definately no alternative to being on lots of tablets and injections for the rest of his life.


Big H is thrilled that someone has finally found out what is wrong with him, because the firm he worked for, before he ended up on full time sick leave, kept saying it was Yuppie Flu or ME and he got very distressed by that.


Once we got back I made some Bubble and Squeak to warm us up and then we were able to sit back and relax until the next tests tomorrow.


We have been told that very soon Big H will be full of energy again and will stop falling asleep all of the time.

That will be a wonderful change because I cannot remember what that was like!


If you are feeling fit and healthy, make sure you enjoy it and make the most of it, because the alternatives can be awful.

Have a good evening.

Speak to you soon.



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