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Haiku: Blood In The Water.

Blood In The Water.   Those things we fear most – Do we attract them to us By that very fear. . .

Haiku: Life Choice.

Life Choice. . There is always pain – Both in the form of loving, Or in not loving. . .

Haiku: Glory.

Glory.   These are shy flowers – Made into a daisy chain For tangled red hair.   .

haiku: Hallmark Advice.

Hallmark Advice.   Grow your own love tree – The more fruit you give away The more fruit it grows. . .

Haiku: Trust.

Trust.   To reach out a hand – In the hope of finding out That someone is there.   .

Haiku: Truth.

Truth.   Believing in truth Still allows for tooth fairies – And Father Christmas.   .

Haiku: Feeling Groovy.

Feeling Groovy.   Watching cars go by – Wondering who is driving And what they rush to. . .

Haiku: Sticky Wicket.

Sticky Wicket. . . Why don’t you fuck off – You can only blame yourself For fly-paper lies. . ,

Haiku: In My Place.

In My Place. . . Walk on in my shoes Feel the sharpness of the stone – See how your feet bleed. . .  

Haiku: Homesick.

Homesick. . Are you homesick yet – For those people still unmet And unknown places. . .