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Haiku: Fabric Of Life.

Fabric Of Life. . . Food keeps us alive – But so do our sequin dreams Scattered on the weave. . .

Haiku: Body Armour.

Body Armour. . Under heavy fire True love is not frangible – It can always bend . .

Haiku: Connection.

Connection. . Suddenly to look – Meeting the enquiring eye Of a quiet bird

Haiku: Green Curtain.

Green Curtain. . . Though trees bloom outside – I sigh for my winter view Of the village church. . .  

Haiku: Television.

Television. . Television’s rude _ It brings people I don’t like Straight into my home. . .

Haiku: Book.

Book. . . A book is a gift – Someone else’s dream of life To enhance your own . .

Haiku: Want.

Want. . . It’s like magic beans- You sell your soul for small change And you feel content. . .

Haiku: Revolution.

Revolution. . That derelict mill It’s broken windows blinded- Has seen history. . .

Haiku: Early Hours.

Voice. . . The quiet of night – The absence of daily noise Reveals a darker voice . .

Haiku: Script.

Script. . . Just a normal plot – Boy, girl, love, home, kids and car, It’s compulsory. . .