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Hiroshima. Lest We Forget.

Hi, . There has just been a commemoration in Hiroshima, which was in remembrance of the 66th anniversary of the Atomic Bomb which was unexpectedly dropped upon that unlucky city by America at the end of WWII. It took place on August 6th, 1945 at 8.15am. . Hundreds of thousands were killed in the blast […]

Do We Make Ripples Or Not!

Hi, . Welcome to a new week. I wonder what it holds for us! . I have often thought that so many people seem to be willing to pay their monies and go to see mediums and fortune tellers. They want to know stuff that seems to be of prime importance to peoples all over […]

Alex: A Life Fast Forward.

Hi Peeps, . So here we are, having arrived at Friday again….gateway to the weekend and the promise of more fun. . Our past week has been a good one indeed, with Big H continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. Even his self-injections are becoming easier for him now. . For the first month, […]

Carpe Diem.

Hey folks, . These are strange times. Illustrating the wisdom of seizing the day and enjoying the moment. . Today in the UK we can feel happy for small and wonderful things happening , such as a pair of un-named pensioners from Derbyshire. . It is yet another fine example of people unknowingly being in […]

New Medical Breakthrough. Stem Cell Treatment For Burns.

Hi Folks, . . Today I read about a new and seemingly wondrous in medicine that is in it’s early stage of development, said to have been recently highlighted on The National Geographic Channel. It concerned the development of a method of stem cell treatment to be used for the treatment of burns injury patients. […]

Ted Williams. Lost And Found.

Good Morning Folks, . Well, this morning I have a cheering story of how life can change for anyone….just like that. . In America, a videographer who was driving by, noticed a man begging for a dollar at the side of the road. He noticed that the man was carrying a large piece of cardboard […]

Gagging For It.

Hello Peeps, . This is one for everybody who has an interest in the size of womens’ breasts. . It may indeed be of news of great moment to who hail from Southampton too. . In actual fact there is a serious side to this post as well, because it not only concerns the small […]

Unmissable. Love Me Love My Face.

Good Morning Peeps, . Welcome to , and the promise of the weekend ahead. . Yesterday was slightly different from the usual one we have. Big H was not very well and had to spend the day in bed, so did not end up going out with his friend as is usual on a Thursday. […]

The Iceman.

Hi Folks, . How the hell are you. Be cheered my darlings, it’s nearly the weekend. . After doing I was reminded of a guy called Wim Hof. This guy is totally incredible and is somehow able to resist levels of extreme cold. . This Guinness Book Of Records world record holder has carried out […]

The Worlds Around Us.

Hey, . It’s looking good here, warm and sunny so far, and we are mid-way through the week. So are you of course! . Today has been quiet so far, in that I had my breakfast and then finished off my latest library book. I have to say that I enjoyed it and did not […]