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. Hello Peeps, . What a supremely beautiful morning it is here today. Wall to wall blue skies, with a slight breeze and a blazing sun. I have just fed the crows and they have been making a terrible racket, before flying off with beaks full of bread,which they then  try to steal from each […]

Do not ever diss yourself.

Greetings peeps, . Today I feel like telling you how distressing it is when I meet a certain person who is a really likable, attractive personality. From the outside, looking in, you would imagine that she is confident and that she has  has everything going for her . Well you would be totally wrong. She […]

Sorry Guv.

Hi there, . It is not good to let other people get you into an argument. You should never allow another person to take control of your emotions.  We so often say “You have made me so angry” or “You are making me so upset” , when in fact we should decide whether we want […]

Practice makes perfect

Hello, . Why is it always easier to remember the bad things that happen in a day than it is to remember the good things. . Why is discontent easier than contentment and resentment easier than generosity. . It is unfortunately easy to adopt bad habits and to build on them. If you ask a […]

Worrying about someone you love is a total waste of time and energy.

Hi, It’s quarter to three, no one in the place except you and me. On second thoughts, perhaps you are not a Frank Sinatra admirer. . I was not very sleepy tonight so here I am again, writing a post in the early hours of the morning. . Tonight I want to write about the […]

My Prayer

Hi, . Today I am posting a prayer that I composed many years ago, because I wanted something that was meaningful to me. . I love The Lord’s Prayer, but I  did not have anything other than that, which I enjoyed as much. . Oh no, that’s not correct, I do also love Psalm 23:4, […]