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Congratulations To Nick Vujicic And His Bride!

Hey, . It is wonderful to hear that Nick Vujicic got married in California on 10th February this year. His bride is the very beautiful Kanae Miyahara. . They honeymooned in Hawaii, and will live together in California. . You may remember my , who suffers from Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, and who has no arms or […]

84 Days To Change Your Life.

Hey, . How are you today then! I hope that you are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. . Perhaps you may be feeling a bit depressed because you are not keeping to your New year resolution(s). . Just in case you were inspired to make a decision cut the calories calories, get fitter and slimmer ….  […]

Better The Devil You Know?

Hey, . While lying in the bath this morning (no shower available at present), I had a thought! . Is our life pre-ordained. Do we have to live through an obstacle course pre-set by our behaviour during a past life, or lives. . Is life random, depending upon the actions of each person at each […]

Who Gives A Fuck!

hs. . Oh God, I have just been so bored, bored, bored, with a series of bloody television programmes which I had pre-recorded and suddenly decided to watch while Big H had one of his infamous five hour baths. . They were all about various aspects of body image, plastic surgery, and peoples’ feelings about […]

George Harrison Was Definately Here.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, and that this particular Tuesday day is starting very well for you. . I am very good myself today and am really feeling glad to be alive. . Some days are just like that aren’t they ….  ones where everything is that […]

Thought For The Day.

Hi, . . I suddenly had a thought of my own last night….and this is it…. . …. Isn’t it strange how people who have nothing to say have so much to say! …. . . .

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Hi, . We can make life so hard and blame circumstances for things that do not go well. . I mean a lot of my friends can consider their day to be ruined if they have a day. Bad hair….what about having no arms!! . The next clip is an one. The lady shown has […]

Scandal. Sarah Ferguson. Duchess of York

Good Morning, . Life is indeed a funny thing. . We sometimes make bad choices about the things that we choose to do in our lives, and then we must choose how to deal with of them. . Most of us get to do these things in a quiet and everyday kind of way, but […]

Do We Make Ripples Or Not!

Hi, . Welcome to a new week. I wonder what it holds for us! . I have often thought that so many people seem to be willing to pay their monies and go to see mediums and fortune tellers. They want to know stuff that seems to be of prime importance to peoples all over […]

Alex: A Life Fast Forward.

Hi Peeps, . So here we are, having arrived at Friday again….gateway to the weekend and the promise of more fun. . Our past week has been a good one indeed, with Big H continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. Even his self-injections are becoming easier for him now. . For the first month, […]