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Ted Williams. Lost And Found.

Good Morning Folks, . Well, this morning I have a cheering story of how life can change for anyone….just like that. . In America, a videographer who was driving by, noticed a man begging for a dollar at the side of the road. He noticed that the man was carrying a large piece of cardboard […]

Gagging For It.

Hello Peeps, . This is one for everybody who has an interest in the size of womens’ breasts. . It may indeed be of news of great moment to who hail from Southampton too. . In actual fact there is a serious side to this post as well, because it not only concerns the small […]

Unmissable. Love Me Love My Face.

Good Morning Peeps, . Welcome to , and the promise of the weekend ahead. . Yesterday was slightly different from the usual one we have. Big H was not very well and had to spend the day in bed, so did not end up going out with his friend as is usual on a Thursday. […]

The Iceman.

Hi Folks, . How the hell are you. Be cheered my darlings, it’s nearly the weekend. . After doing I was reminded of a guy called Wim Hof. This guy is totally incredible and is somehow able to resist levels of extreme cold. . This Guinness Book Of Records world record holder has carried out […]

The Worlds Around Us.

Hey, . It’s looking good here, warm and sunny so far, and we are mid-way through the week. So are you of course! . Today has been quiet so far, in that I had my breakfast and then finished off my latest library book. I have to say that I enjoyed it and did not […]

Build Yourself A Better Brain.

Hello, . We are lucky enough to be enjoying a fine day here. It is all full sunshine and blue skies, plus all the other whistles and bells that could possibly be desired. . Of course, if the weather stays true to it’s recent form, we could be ‘enjoying’ black skies and rampant thunderstorms in […]

Living In Peace Is Possible.

Hey, . This is by way of a follow-on to research I was doing into Dr Robert Sapolsky and his research. . This following clip from UTube is quite fascinating. It shows how an aggressive troop of Baboons began to live in peace together and how young baboons joining the troop were taught to change […]

Tim Parks. A Sceptic’s Search For Health.

Hi, What a warm morning this is, I think that our recent and very welcome heatwave is continuing for a while longer, even though the sky is a heavy pale grey this morning with a fine drizzle of rain. . It has been so sunny for the last few days that everyone is beginning to […]

What If Your End Was Truly Nigh.

Hey, . Today I have a question for you. . If you were magically, and abruptly, told that today was the last day of your life but you had to spend it doing what you would normally do….would you do it differently? . Would you appreciate your family and friends more because you would suddenly […]

For All That We Have.

Good Morning to you all, . This is being written in a grey and dark location in the UK, a complete repeat of yesterday in fact. How rubbish is that! Has the weather run out of new ideas. Is it not interested in being surprising anymore! . So, I shall be equally boring to match, […]