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Tree House: A Work Of Art In Canada.

Hi,   Oh, how I love to see something pretty …. and in my opinion I have just seen another pretty thing. Up in a tree …. and no, it is not a bird.   This particular pretty thing is not only unique and beautiful, it is also totally not legal.   Once upon a […]

Will You Want Ice With That!

Hey, . Now, as you  know, I am not usually very complimentary about , but today it makes a nice change to write about something pleasant. Pretty things are happening again in Northern , on the edge of Beijing. . It is the end of the traditional Lunar Festival and it is being celebrated by […]

Jacob Riis. Iconic And Life-Changing Work.

Hi, . Some people can make such a difference by how they choose to live their lives. One such person was Jacob A. Riis. . Jacob Riis was originally Danish, although he later emigrated to America where he eventually became a police reporter. He used the new of medium flash photography to make late-night visits […]

Building The Ark.

a Hey, . Many people are worrying about the ‘end of the world’ scenario which is prevalent at the moment. . How many of you are considering the desirability of building yourselves an Ark and making like Noah! . Well, these things can no doubt be done a lot more quickly these days. . Last […]

Is It All Just ‘Pants’.

Hey, . Did you have an interesting ride on your particular subway recently! Were you a bemused observer on the latest ‘No Pants Day’. . This is a day of exhibitionism which has become a much enjoyed annual event for many people worldwide. . When ‘No Pants Day’ began about a decade ago, it may […]

Simon’s Cat.

Hi, . …. and a good morning to you… . Now we are well into 2012, and the recent Christmas/New Year festivities seem long gone. So, with the recent gale force winds and extremely cold weather….we need a laugh! . During the holidays I was introduced to Simon’s Cat, of which I was previously totally […]


Good Morning, . Not long until Christmas now. . So, how are you doing with the small gifts and stocking fillers …. or the calendars! . Now, finally, there is something a bit different, being offered to those of you whose thoughts turn to forward planning. . There is a very different, if not eye […]

12 Year Old Girl Visits Heaven, And Paints It.

Hey, . We have an unusual post today. It is about a 12 year old girl who says that she regularly began having  visions of Heaven from the time that she was four years old. . This young girl, called Akeane Kramarik, began telling her mother about Heaven at that time, and began clearly describing […]

Turner Prizewinner 2011.

So, . Art though having a good day then…. Good! . Talking of art, it has just been announced that the artist Martin Boyce, 44, has won this year’s prestigious Turner Prize. . The presentation was made by the much admired Mario Testino …. who was somewhat disconcerted by the unscripted appearance onstage of a […]

‘Glow In The Dark’ Surfers Greet The Summer On Bondi Beach.

G’day, . . Do note the Australian flavour to the proceedings today It may be cold and damp up here in The North, where winter is underway, but some places are just beginning their summertime. . Places like . A place where they have just celebrated a most fabulous ‘Welcome To Summer’ extravaganza, which was […]