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Doesn’t Time Pass Quickly.

Hey, . This is something I liked … along with many other people. Having very much admired such presentations . . ! . These particular YouTube clips have been uploaded by  a girl calling herself ‘madandcrazychild’… I have no idea who she actually is. . It a quite fascinating, because she has been taking pictures […]

Born To Paint.

Hi, . WOW, it is cold up here this morning. All of the windows were iced up when I rose from my bed at 7am, and there was a very wintry scene outside, with all of the nearby house roofs gleaming with frost. I expect that all of the crows are feeling very chilled and […]

You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

Good Morning, . I hope I find you having a good day out there. . Sorry I have been somewhat  tardy with my posting this weekend, but I am in the middle of enjoying a smashing family visit and am therefore a lot busier than I get to be during my normal days with the […]

A World Of Pure Illusion.

Hey, . I don’t know your opinion on the henna decorations that you sometimes see done on the hands. . As you may well have ….I love them! . However the clip that I am uploading today is light years past that. It is definate artwork….and very fascinating to boot. . See what you think. […]

Clever Hobbitses.

Hi, . As you were rushing to leave home today, have you ever given a thought to the reasons why many of us are always tiredly dashing off to work. . Is it to pay the large mortgage upon one of the huge structures that we are encouraged to aspire to, with some houses now […]

Naked Dance.

Good Morning, . . As you know, I like doing figurative art…and find the human body to be beautiful in many ways and . . Especially in the art-forms of . . . Such as , as wonderfully depicted in …. Degas’s Ballerinas. . . . . I find this beautiful too….for me, hardly just […]

Life Can Be A Beach.

Hey, I like this. . . Do you like it! . . .

Looking At Naked Ladies Can Be A Real Education.

Hey. . It is a Saturday. So how about we do something artistic and interesting today. After all, it is not often that you are positively encouraged to look at ladies…. but through the artist’s own unique eye! . So here we are then. Are you sitting comfortably….then . . Enjoy looking at these naked […]

Feeling Blue!

Bonjour mes amis, . So, as you have probably gathered….today’s post has an authentic French flavour. . It has come about because I was thinking recently about how many of the shades of and brown, used enthusiastically in house decoration and furnishing, are colours that I find to be personally depressing, and would therefore avoid […]

Touches Of Gaudi!

Good Morning, . ….is what we are all saying here at the moment….but hey, we are used to it! . Yesterday turned out to be a corker though. Big H felt great and suggested that we make the most of the sunshine by going to the beach, and he did not need to ask me […]