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A Lost Sheep Comes Home.

Hi, . How is your week going so far then! Mine has been quite interesting. . Yesterday, I received a comment about a poem of mine which I uploaded last year, called Lost Sheep. . Here it is…. Lost Sheep. . He is a little lost sheep Through no fault of his own Out beyond […]

From Holidays To Hummingbirds.

Hi Peeps, . Greetings to you from an extremely wet UK. It seems that we have had nothing but ferocious downpours and high winds for ages. . You get up in the morning to the accompaniment of drumming rain and then retire at night to the some beat. I have to say though, that lying […]

Banksy’s Work Is Destroyed. Bloody People With White Paint!

Hi, . It seems that Banksy, the born mysterious and iconic graffiti artist is not perhaps as well known in some parts of our society as we might have supposed that he was. . Banksy at Bristol City Museum. 2009. . . . In his hometown there are many familiar and well loved images stencilled […]

Kissy, Kissy.

Hey, . New ideas are good in any situation….and of course in . It does not matter what you think of it, because just the act of watching and forming the opinion that you have of it is stimulating. . I was reading about a woman called Natalie Irish, an from Houston, Texas. . She […]

Miru Kim. Naked Artist.

Hey, . This post is about a girl who began her adult life wanting to be a . She became a medical student with such a career in mind for herself, but she actually ended up developing a career as an unusual artist by taking pictures of herself in unusual places….. . It happened when […]

War Horse.

Hi, . Did you see the play War Horse or not. To those of you lucky people who live near enough to get to the West End in or who have the necessary time, energy and money to travel there…a really unbelievable treat is in store for you if you have not seen it yet. […]

‘Well Educated’ Woman Told To STFU On Train! Video.

Hi, . Just could not resist this clip . . It shows a ‘charming’ and ‘well educated’ lady, and was filmed by a passenger who witnessed a scene which took place on the Metro North Railroad. . The ‘well educated’ and loud mouthed lady was approached by a conductor who very politely asked her to […]

Sandcastles Rock.

Hi Peeps, . Something really serious and architectural for you today. What satisfaction there is to be found in putting up a beautiful building that becomes a well for others to admire. . Of course sometimes you ! . Ed Jarret hails from in the USA. Recently he was certified as officially breaking his own […]

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Hi, . Whoaaah….some people are unreal! . In Las Vegas there is an iron willed lady known as Staysha Randall. She earns her living as a performer….as a strongwoman and a . . She decided to make an attempt at the ‘most piercings done in one session’ Guinness Book Of . . She did this […]

Fascination Of The Four Sisters.

Hi, . I spent some time yesterday, enjoying the work of a guy called Nicholas Nixon. . In 1975 he had a marvellous idea. He decided to take a photograph of his wife, along with her three sisters. . The idea was that he would have them stand in order of their age, from oldest […]