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Art From Nelly.

Hi, . This is just a quick one for you. A real bit of artistic whimsy….brought to you by the way of Nelly, who spotted it and sent it on to me. . . Nelly Leonidis is an accomplished Canadian photographer who does amazing work ….if you appreciate marvellous and moody camera magic then check […]

Extreme Bodies. Unusual People Customizing Themselves.

Hi, . . Happy Tuesday to you all, fortunately the weekend is creeping yet nearer as you read this. . As you all probably know by now, I have a real fascination with people who use as a canvas to to suit their tastes. . . First of all we have a Mexican mother of […]

Symmetrical Portraits.

Hello Peeps, . Here is an interesting   question for you all. It has to do with the . . Is your face symmetrical or not?. . It is an interesting question because a lot of people equate a symmetrical face with beauty. However some people’s faces can quite clearly seen by the observer to […]

Zombie Boy Has Made It!

Hi Peeps, . Do you remember that I did on July 26th 2010. It was about unusual people with unusual ambitions. . The first person on that post was a young man called Rick Genest…. AKA Zombie Boy. He had been fascinated by Zombies as a young boy and had found his own unique way […]

Psst. Wanna Buy A 1971 T2 Harrier Jump Jet?

Hello People, . So, are any of you interested in , or in things to be bought on e-bay? . If you are then this page should definitely be of interest to you. . My goodness, is there anything that you cannot buy on e-bay. . I think that one of the strangest items ever […]

Another Rare Treasure Found In A Cardboard Box.

Hello, . Yet another post from my sick-bed….goodness, it is way boring in here. It gives you a sore bottom too, when you just sit propped up with cushions for days on end, I reckon that by the time I eventually get up my legs will be atrophied with all of this enforced inaction! Happy […]

Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man.

Hi, . Something very different and much more sensible for you today. . Have you seen the work by the artist Liu Bolin. He is Chinese. He is also known as the ‘invisible man’. . This is because he is a performance artist whose work is mainly to be painted into his surroundings by his […]

Revisit Kylie Minogue And Spencer Tunick.

Hello’ . It’s being rubbishy, grey and extremely wet most of the time here now. Not to mention it being cold too! . So, spending a little more time indoors led me to revisit one of Kylie’s videos. It is about five months now since I last saw it so perhaps a trip down memory […]

Old Vase Found In Pinner Semi Is Worth Over £50m.

Hi, . You remember my telling you to look in your attic. . Well, it has happened again. . Another amazing amount of money for something found lying around in someone’s house. Just a 16″ vase with a couple of fish on it, which was kept for many years on top of a shaky bookcase. […]

A £200m Michelangelo Found Behind A Settee.

hello, . How goes it with you. We are OK here but the nights are drawing in now and it is both wet and cold. Hard to believe that we actually had some really hot tropical days last summer, thank god for . . Not much is happening here due to Big H’s lack of […]