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The Book Of Lost Things.

Hello, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are going through one of life’s wonderful highs, and not having to cope with a  disheartening low period. . Life is funny isn’t it. It always seems simpler when you are a child, because it is all very black and white from […]

Camera Magic.

Good morning, . Oh My! What a wonderful morning I have just woken up to. . The sky is blue, there is not a trace of a breeze, and I can hear a distant sound of a plane somewhere. It is a beautiful quality of light, seeming to pick out every colour and detail in […]

‘No Underwear Photo’ Is Causing An Artistic Stir

Hello, . On November 9th 2010, in London, the winner of the Taylor Wessing prize for photographic portraiture will be announced. The four pictures chosen for the final shortlist were decided upon last week, on Thursday. . One of the four shortlisted pictures, by Athens born Panayiotis Lamprou, is causing a lot of fuss. It […]

Developments At Marble Arch, London.

Hi, Just a quick one about Marble Arch in London. . . What did you think of the new and permanent sculpture which has just been unveiled at the Marble Arch in London. . It is named ‘Horse at Water’ and has been created by Nic Fiddian-Green. . It is a free standing work in […]

Henrietta Maria And Her Dwarf.

Hi, . My goodness, it has been incredibly windy lately. There are broken branches lying all over the place from the wind whipped trees. Winter is a’comin in! . Never mind, winter means staying in a warm house a lot more, doing lots of artwork and drinking lots of hot toddies Talking of artwork, have […]

Opera Tots And Opera Stars.

Hi, There has been an unusual and probably most welcome innovation for those of you without someone to care for your children when you want to catch a performance at the opera. . The English National Opera have decided to offer parents a chance to spend a few carefree hours listening to the best that […]

The Destruction Of An Icon.

Hey, . And so to the end of an era. Soon one of Gateshead’s iconic buildings will disappear forever and even the protestations of both Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino could not stop it from happening. . Have you guessed which building it is. You haven’t? Well, I shall put you out of your misery. […]

High Energy Time Lapse Oil Painting.

. Hi, . See what you think of this. High energy, time lapse painting by artist Robert Bosler. . . . Entertaining? Does it make  you want to have a go? J. .

The World’s Most Tattooed Woman.

Hey, I was just reading about Julia Gnuse from California, who is officially  ‘the world’s most tattooed woman’. . She is 55 and decided to begin her tattoos several years ago. These now number in excess of 400. . There are many different subjects depicted, with a large number of entertainers, from Lucille Ball and […]

Unusual Ambitions. Unusual People.

Hi, . To continue a I have been following . . There are so many unusual people who actually follow their dreams and work towards totally reinventing themselves. They follow their own desires. . These rare people include those like…. . Rick.  The Zombie Boy. . Elaine Davidson. Most pierced Woman. . Eric Sprague. Lizard […]