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Salvador Dali.

Hi, . I found out quite an interesting little  ‘arty fact’ recently. That was a joke…not a very good one…but a joke nonetheless! . Did you know that the logo for those strangely popular little lollipops called Chupa Chups ( which I think means something like ‘Suck Me’ in Spanish, but don’t quote me on […]

I Told Me Not To Do It.

Hi, Well, as you might have guessed from.  I am now somewhat the worse for wear, and feeling sorry for myself. I was evil. I did not keep to my own rules, so I must be punished. I must play the part of both Sadist and Masochist. . My decision will have to be that, […]

A Good Result.

Hi, . I was so upset by the this morning that I quite forgot to tell you the good…very good…news about Big H. . You may remember the first blog, where I told you all about his , and then the following one about to solving his problem once and for all. . Well, he […]

I Did The Descriptions Anyway.

Hello again dear Peeps, . I went and did the descriptions of my newest updated pictures anyway. .If they do not make much sense then Goodnighr or even Goodnight! . j ,

Poem: It’s All In The Fame Of The Name.

it’s all in the fame of the name . the policeman painted pictures his talent was demonstrable investors bought the lot because there’s money in a constable .

Art Descriptions All Completed.

Hi, . Just to let you know that I have now finished adding proper descriptions to all of the artwork put up so far. I hope that it makes it more interesting. . LOL J PS. The lipstick is still red. I am totally impressed (re. about make up)

Updating The Descriptions Of My Artwork.

Hi, . Just to let you know that I have finally got around to writing proper descriptions for some of my artwork displayed on the site. . I spent a long time this evening trying to give some idea of my intentions.  I hope that this will be interesting and provide some insight into the […]