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Waterproofing For Dummies!

Hello, Hello, . Monday beckons …. and up here we have blue skies and sunshine …. I kid you not! I feel quite uplifted actually. Birds are singing and everything. . I may have to rush up to my wardrobe to don my blue Disney dress with the white pinny, plus the white opaque stockings […]

A Whole Lot Of Nothing Going On.

Hey, . And a ‘Good Day’ to you. . We are enjoying some better weather here today, with patches of weak sunshine amongst the usual heavy grey clouds and rainy periods. It also feels a bit warmer. In general it feels like a timely reminder that spring is coming eventually. . When Big H and […]


Hey,Hey, . So here I am again, faced by a white world full of glittering rooftops, ice, and a heavy skyy, with a counterpoint of black birds trying to make a winter living. . Luckily I stayed up very late last night, with a big plate of oatcakes, sliced apples and Edam cheese, along with […]

Boots To Die For.

Hey, . What a day. Colder than yesterday, with every item in the house feeling icy cold to the touch, including me. Why oh why, do I have the need to get up so early on these icy mornings before the house has even warmed up a little bit! . Never mind though, because I […]

Ugghhhh Boots.

. Hi, . Once again we have reports of terrible which is apparently going on . It seems that many items of apparel which are marked as faux fur are actually produced using the fur of Raccoon Dogs. . It is also reported that many pairs of copy Ugg Boots are not made with actual […]

One For All Film Fans.

Hi Film Fans, . So, it is a Bank Holiday today, and I am pleased to report that I was greeted this morning by cloudy skies and sunshine!!. Wow, I had nearly forgotten what that feels like. . So, Big H and I will  most likely decide to avoid avoid any excursions on the roads, […]

Amazing What People Will Do For Free Clothes.

Hi, . Would you like a free outfit from a store. What would you be prepared to do for it. . Would you be prepared to queue overnight….in your underwear…in the rain! How about all of the above, but you will also be entertained by a band from ! . NO. Well, some people already […]

Augo Tries On A Blue Hat.

Hi, . Something else for you here today. It always does you good to have a smile. . This is a cute cub called Augo. . He is to be found at Aalborg Zoo in . . . So now, if you feel the urgent need to have a fancy blue hat of your own….here […]

Lily Allen’s New Adventure.

Hi, . I was interested to find out about Lily Allen, 26, and her new venture. . First she opened a eight months ago, called it ‘Lucy In Disguise’, and now she is designing clothing to put into it. . And very nice they are too. . I was very taken with the black ‘Audrey […]

Latest Bidding is up to £80,000.01p On Princess Beatrice’s Infamous Hat.

Hi Peeps, . You know the old saying ‘if you want to get ahead, ‘. . Well, now lots of people are wanting to get a hat….but only a very special one….namely the infamous creation worn by Princess Beatrice for the recent Royal Wedding. . You remember that it is now on e-bay….with the proceeds […]