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The Auction For Princess Beatrice’s Hat Is Hotting Up Now.

Hello People, . Just a quickie to let you know that is going phenomenally well. . So far, the bids have reached a very respectable sum of over £20,000, and it does not finish for another three days or so. . So come on then, ‘fess up, which one of you put in the £20,200.00 […]

Buy Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat. NOW!

Hello Folks, . You do remember the furore which was caused by that was worn by Princess beatrice at the Royal Wedding recently. It became infamous and quickly developed a life of it’s own….and fans! . The princess has now had the most excellent idea of using all of the resulting publicity, and interest, to […]

Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat Takes On A Life Of It’s Own.

Hi, . Still fixed on the royal wedding I am afraid. . What did you think of the headgear….Princess Beatrice’s hat in particular. . . Well, it is fascinating to see that her ‘different’ hat has now taken on a life of it’s own….quite independently of her. . Princess Beatrice’s hat brings to all. . […]

Awesome Saturday.

Hi folks, . How was your own Saturday then….enjoyable! . Mine was most excellent indeed. Big H got up early and felt a bit better than usual, so I asked him what his plans for the day were…..he said that he didn’t know, was there anything that I wanted to do? Well, you don’t need […]

The Bag Lady.

Hi, . And so, the best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley….as old Rabbie said. And he was correct, because yesterday ended in tears, with heavy rainfall. . Hey, shit happens. . Today however, is beginning very well. I got up early this morning because it was too warm to lie in […]

Sean Murtagh Superglued His Hat Onto His Head. It Worked!

Hello Folks, . I greet you once again at a risibly early hour because I could not sleep and am therefore up once again. . . How about a giggle to help the week along. . Today it is provided courtesy of a young man called Sean Murtagh who had decided to dress up for […]

So Whomsoever The Slipper Fits.

Hi, . It looks like a bright day again here, with pale blue skies, ribboned clouds, and hazy sunshine. It could go either way but it is still cold. Brrrrr! . Life is going well here and we are still waiting for the to arrive sometime this week. That will be interesting to say the […]

The Wigs From Hell.

Good morning Peeps, . Well it is once again….roll on the weekend! . Wednesday was a very frustrating day once the postman had delivered. We received our Georgian-style from the fancy-dress site on the Internet….great excitement. We opened the bags up and had a look….extreme disappointment. . What a load of total crap they were. […]

Dressy-Up Time.

Hi, . How are you doing. Never mind, even if your week has been rubbish, the chances are that you will now have a weekend off to get yourself back into balance. . So, no wonder it suddenly became so cold last night, we woke up this morning to a world of once again. Brrrrrr, […]

Wearing Red Increases Your Sex Appeal.

Hey, . Interesting findings on the ‘how best to attract men’ front have just been published. . The study which seems to prove this premise, was done in New York, at Rochester University. . The method used was to show pictures of a reasonably attractive lady to two groups of male students. The only difference […]