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Good Clothes And Bad Television.

Hi. . Middle of the week …excellent! . The weather has picked up a bit now, and it is about time too after all the rain. Yesterday started heavy and grey, but by teatime we had pale blue sky and lukewarm sunshine. As we had to go into town for Big H to have an […]

How To Get A Bespoke Suit For Peanuts.

Hey, . Greetings upon a fine Tuesday. Hey, come on, it has to be a fine Tuesday because however bad it is it has to be better than the alternative! . And clothes are an important way to improve your enjoyment of the day too. It makes you feel better on the outside, which then […]

I Have Found My Dream.

Good Morning Peeps, . How are you today then? I’ll bet you are not half as pleased as I am at present because….I have finally found the that I have been waiting for. . It is a dark shade of browns, with three-quarter sleeves, and has a collar that stands up by itself. It is […]

Biba Is Born Again.

Good Morning Peeps, . , Friday, . It does not get much better than that! . Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day for me because it became stunningly hot and sunny here. So good in fact, that we were motivated to get in the car, put the top down and go for a […]

Vivien Leigh’s Coat Is Up For Grabs In Durham.

Hi, . Wonderful day here today, all sunny/windy/cloudy/ hot/ chilly and obviously very changeable. Could end up any way at all, but hopefully sunny! . My new are still generating pleasure and are now looking quite hairy, which is unusual and funky. I have decided that I fancy a leopardskin coat this year so I […]

Seduction At Topshop.

Hi, . Yesterday it was so hot and blue that Big H and I decided to forgo the last bonfire and go for a run-out with the top down while we still had the chance. As we needed to pop into anyway, it meant that we could do both things. . After we had concluded […]

Fabulous Shoes To Die For.

Hi, . Hoping that I find you well and happy today, and pleased with your lot. . I have just spent a wonderful few hours lost in the world of pretty shoes. . This came about because I decided that, when I go to the Costume Ball that I was , I should really try […]

Disappointed After All.

Hi, . Greetings to you, and all that good stuff. I hope that all is going exceedingly well in your world. . I myself have had a disappointment after all! . when I told you that I was hoping that Big H would drive me to my favourite antique shop so that I could reconsider […]

Another Little Black Dress.

Hey, . I am up early today because I awoke during a bad dream and now I cannot get back to sleep, or perhaps I am just unwilling to risk picking up the dream where I left off. Better safe than sorry in this instance I expect, and I am not a very enthusiastic sleeper […]

Gladrags, David Beckham And Pub ASBOs In 1904 Birmingham.

Hello, Hello, . Greetings to you upon this very excellent day. I am in a wonderful mood today. Why, you may ask, always supposing that you have nothing better to do than indulge me! . Well, with regard to my somewhat desperate post , when I was faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding […]