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The Case Of The Elusive Dress.

Good day peeps, . How the hell are you! . I still feel tired today. All of yesterday was spent searching the whole city, trying to find a suitable outfit to wear for a very important wedding which I am going to soon. . All that I am wanting is a plain, classic, fitted silk […]

Poppets, Bee Hive Hair And Radio Luxembourg.

Hey. How are you today! Perhaps you are having a Saturday lie in….and why not. I used to like them myself after a week of having to go to school or work every morning, but on the other hand I also used to feel that it was wasting precious free time too. . Sometime, in […]

At Least I Did Not Have To Picket A Shop This Week!

Hey, . I got up really early again this morning. The clock has gradually come around to eight thirty, but it is still very dark outside, with such a heavy grey sky that I still need all of the house lights on in order to see properly. Not the most cheerful of starts to the […]

Those Hotpants Are Not Going To Suit You.

Hey, . How are you? In fine fettle I hope, fully relaxed and rested….or did you given in to Sales Fever? . Are you now the proud owner of a pair of skin tight orange sequined hotpants and an amazing designer suit that was reduced by 70% and is only six sizes too small. . […]

Wall To Wall Blue Skies.

Hello my friend, . Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies this morning.  Most beguiling. . I have already been out and fed those totally ungrateful birds their breakfast. These crows are still very nervous of me. I make a loud clicking noise to let them know that food is coming and then I shake […]


Hello Peeps, Have you seen this clip of film? Just in case you have not I am posting it for you. . It is a CCTV film of two aggressive, drunken young men who had just been filmed in a fight outside of a nightclub, with someone dressed as Batman! . They then decided to […]

Makeup. A Really Girly Experience.

Good morning to you. . And it really has been a good morning so far. . Today, I have just had one of the best, most girly experiences ever. . It all began yesterday, when Big H and I went to town to look at the prices of new fridges, in order to  replace the […]