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Concerning Children

Rock-A-Bye Baby.

Hi, . I know that many ‘experts’ are at loggerheads about the correct way to treat babies. I also know that many tentative new mothers are very timid, when it comes to the best advice, and when it comes to deciding who to listen to. . Sometimes gut  instinct is actually the best way. If […]

Puggles And The Baby.

Hey, . I just love this YouTube clip. . It shows a 5 month old baby who is learning to gnaw by watching family dogs do it. . . . I especially loved one comment this video, which was uploaded by someone identified as CaptnGraviton …. …. ‘Eat well little one, for tomorrow we chase […]

Let Us Rock!

Hi, . I have recently been awed once again at the amount of  by some children. . At the moment I am stunned by an eight year old girl called Zoe Thomson, who is obviously a rock star of the future. . This is the young lady herself playing her unfinished version of Stratosphere alongside […]

Furious Parent Shoots Disrespectful Daughter’s Computer

Hi, . Today’s post is about parenting …. and discipline. . This is the tale of an angry parent in America who has a 15 year old daughter. . This daughter wrote at length on her Facebook page, which was blocked to her parents, about how totally pissed-off she was with her family life and […]

The Best Days Of Your Life?

Hi, . Sad news in Maryland. . An 11 year old boy called Kaleb Kula, is a pupil at Elkton Middle School. . It is reported that he has been  while at the school, even though he is autistic and cannot defend himself. . Eventually proof of the  has come to light because a pupil […]

Attention. A Fabulous Christmas Present For British Muggles.

Hi, . And a Merry Christmas to you! . If you are still thinking of wonderful presents, then you could add the promise of a special treat to Christmas Day’s rewards. . If you are living with a Harry Potter fan, you could promise them the perfect present …. a Muggles dream day out. And […]

12 Year Old Girl Visits Heaven, And Paints It.

Hey, . We have an unusual post today. It is about a 12 year old girl who says that she regularly began having  visions of Heaven from the time that she was four years old. . This young girl, called Akeane Kramarik, began telling her mother about Heaven at that time, and began clearly describing […]

Ruined Shit.

Hi, . All of us know the devastation that can be caused by our pets. . I well remember our own most destructive pet. He was a beautiful  German Shepherd who ate his way through a striped 3-piece suite, a beautiful anique figured velvet Victorian suite with dropped ends, and lastly an antique green velvet […]

Notorious B.I.G. Stops Baby From Crying.

Hi, . . How soon do we form our tastes! . . Hey baby I know what I like !!! . .  

China: Child Run Over Twice, Ignored By Passers-By.

Hey, . The video contained in this post is an unbelievable one. . It shows harrowing footage from the Guangfo Hardware Market, in , and was recorded on October 13th. . A two year old girl, wandering in a road, is hit by a van, which is seen to leave the scene of the accident […]