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The Winds Of Change.

Hi, . Greetings to you from the dark and rainy North. . Today I am thinking about the changes in since I was growing up, remember that we only bought a television when I was about 13. It only received broadcasts for a certain number of hours per day. . Nowadays things are very very […]

Four Is A Good Age To Be.

Hi, . Today I had to decide between telling you about the kind of day I had yesterday… or…show you something to . . So, it was a toss up between telling you all the details of how I had bought a long green pure silk dress incredibly cheaply in a sale situation …. without […]

UK Riots Spreading. Latest Update.

Good Morning, . It is quite sombe here in the UK today after the problems of the . . Last night the rioting in London was in control, with a reported 16,000 police in the capital. . Unfortunately, gangs of youths were following on in many other cities nationwide, looting, destroying property, setting fires and […]

Typical Man!

Hi, . Another quick one for you. . You know what women say about men not wanting to get married. You can see that they start young.   This YouTube item is the newest sensation, and you can see why! . . . .

Fly Heaven.

Hi, . It is time for a really rubbishy post. . It seems that it is , Hampshire, which is drowning in filth at the moment. . No, we are not talking about a city-wide predilection for porn….we are talking about rubbish….uncollected mountains of it. . For the past month bin-men have been striking in […]

Everyone Was In Tears.

Hi Everyone, . I hope that you are well and that you have enjoyed a good week. . Sometimes I think that we are not grateful enough for if we are lucky, such a food, shelter, safety and love. . This was brought home to me once more when an artist friend of mine, who […]

Getting It On To Rihanna.

Hey, . . Here is a bright moment to start your Monday…. or it will make you angry and you will attack your Monday tasks with renewed vigour….so either way, you win! . The action takes place in a Microsoft store at Bellevue Square. . A small boy is totally absorbed with an Xbox Kinect […]

Fascination Of The Four Sisters.

Hi, . I spent some time yesterday, enjoying the work of a guy called Nicholas Nixon. . In 1975 he had a marvellous idea. He decided to take a photograph of his wife, along with her three sisters. . The idea was that he would have them stand in order of their age, from oldest […]

What A Catch. Toddler Falls From Fourth Floor Balcony.

Good morning, . Greetings from the hot and tropical UK today. You don’t get many Easter weekends and other here where it does not rain the whole time, but this definitely seems to be shaping to be one of them. Wey hey! . It is now time for , with genteel ‘Howzat’s’ echoing across village […]

The McEntee Twins Talking At 17 Months. Cute Video.

Good Morning, . . So how is your going. Mine’s great. . Here is something to help you start yours with a smile. Always . . This clip of UTube film is so popular that it has been viewed over 11 million times already. . Ren and Sam McEntee are 17 month old twins who […]