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Concerning Children

Bullying. Words Are Worse Than Sticks And Stones, By Alye Pollock.

Hi, . Today we have a . . When I arose I was greeted by light grey cloudy skies, but it is still bright, and a lot warmer than it was a few weeks ago. We have enjoyed quite a few slightly chilly, but still very sunny days lately, and that is most enjoyable. Roll […]

Casey Heynes Beats The Bullies.

Hi, . Yet on-line sensation that went viral within a few hours….and is still going strong. This is all about a boy who finally stood up to bullying. . Apparently this boy had been tormented for most of his schooldays. . He said that he had even been subjected to having his eyes covered with […]

Lady Gaga Duets with Ten Year Old Maria Aragon In Toronto.

Hi Folks, . I hope that your weekend is beginning well. . I have a heartwarming story for you today. . Last month a 10 year old little girl uploaded a video of herself onto UTube, singing her cover of Lady Gaga’s song entitled ‘Born This Way’. . My goodness, did it catch on….within a […]

More Sex Makes More Babies.

Good morning, . It is a grey day here today, with heavy silver skies and quite , with a definite dampness in the air. Not at all unpleasant, but not at all summery. It has been such a dreadful winter this year that I cannot imagine it ever being luxuriously warm again! . You cannot […]

Unbelievable. Children Swimming With Polar Bears.

Hey dear peeps, . This is way different….I kid you not. OMG. . I tell you people, I have never seen anything like this before. Whoever devised this is a genius. I mean, I am quite blase about most man-made types of experience…..except sex of course. I would not go to Disney unless my life […]

Rickets Alert!

Hey, . Greetings upon another freezing cold morning. It was so cold last night that we had a small fall of snow again…and then again. Stop it this minute….I don’t like it anymore!! . Where is the summer, I cannot wait for warmth and sunshine. At least I am not afraid of the sun, and […]

Shocking Behaviour.

Hi, . This is a quick one. . This video is really shocking. . But it was caught on camera. . . . .

The Boy Who Could See With No Eyes.

Hi, . While I was looking at to help the totally blind to see, I found many things of interest. . During my search I learned about a boy called Ben Underwood, who had his eyes removed because of cancer when he was only three years old. . He had somehow learned to use a […]

Tweeting In The Classroom.

Hi, . Happy Sunday….well, at least I hope it is. . Isn’t it amazing how quickly Tweeting has become a solid part of modern everyday life. . And isn’t it amazing how it has become useful in unexpected ways. For instance, helping in education. . Many schools are finding that it is helping their pupils […]

Really Bad Habits.

Hi, . Did you hear the one about the chimp that was being kept in a Lebanese zoo. . Six months ago an animal rights group had discovering him there. Visitors had been throwing lighted cigarettes through the bars of his cage as he was addicted to smoking, and they found it amusing to see […]