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New Take On A Bouncing Baby

Hi, . Well we have all heard of people admiring a bouncing baby, but now there is a brand new take on the old saying. . It has been reported that last week a doctor called Phillipe Bensignor was in the vicinity of a cafe in Paris, when he suddenly became aware that he was […]

Not Safe From Their Own Children.

Good Day, . It seems that figures are being released by charity organisations and clinical psychologists which would appear to show that many parents are now living in fear of their own children One very disturbing aspect of this, is that there are a growing number of cases of children actually being physically violent towards […]

Life Has Many Surprises.

Hi, . How are you today. I hope that your week is progressing well. . It was raining (big surprise!) yesterday, so I was spending a lot of time reading. Eventually I came across the intriguing story of a lady called Jill Hawkins, who is unmarried, but loves being pregnant. She is 45, and has […]

Good Clothes And Bad Television.

Hi. . Middle of the week …excellent! . The weather has picked up a bit now, and it is about time too after all the rain. Yesterday started heavy and grey, but by teatime we had pale blue sky and lukewarm sunshine. As we had to go into town for Big H to have an […]

Opera Tots And Opera Stars.

Hi, There has been an unusual and probably most welcome innovation for those of you without someone to care for your children when you want to catch a performance at the opera. . The English National Opera have decided to offer parents a chance to spend a few carefree hours listening to the best that […]

The ‘Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester’ Effect!

Hey Folks…. ….and a good morning to you. . Yesterday was quite a busy one for a change. We went to hospital in the morning and then had a look around the shops but I soon got bored with it. I am looking to buy a shiny black down-filled jacket/coat, now that I have been […]

Dinosaurs By Torchlight (And Cocktails).

Hi, . Monday begins, so make it a good start to a great week, as it is going to happen anyway! . So how was your weekend. Did you find something interesting and different to do, or did you just loll about thinking that it would be good to do something different….if only you could […]

Increasing Numbers Of Sexually Active 11-Year-Olds.

Hey, . We are having the usual warm but grey day here again. Feels quite tropical, looks very dull. Not exactly Acapulco! . I was surprised at the latest findings that there has been a big increase in the number of 11 and twelve year old girls who are taking the contraceptive pill. Five times […]

New 20mph Speed Limit.

Hey, . At the moment we have a 30mph speed limit for most town centres and residential roads. . There has recently been a trial of a 20mph (32kph) limit in places such as in Edinburgh, Portsmouth , Hull, York and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and it has been judged to be a successful innovation. . Ministers are […]

The Old Debate.

Hey, . Excellent, it is Saturday again. Time to rush out and spend more money than you actually earned last week. That is what keeps the system going. . There has been a report issued recently by the Royal College Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists which is probably going to cause a lot of waves in […]